I am on the look out for the following Pokemon to keep so I can have a fully available living dex. I'm a completionist, I

Thought it might be fun to share some of the memes I've come across, share any others you feel are relevant :). http:/

For the upcoming game I have found some screenshots to share with you: http://www.atlus.com/untold2/images/ss1.png http


Please give a warm welcome to the Shopping District's newest moderator, IamthebestNever! I'm sure you'll all b

Hey there Pokemon Trading! We're looking for a moderator to add value to the existing team. The details of how to appl

So I'm attempting to playtest a team for the VGC's this year, so far this is the team I've tried out: So for t

To prepare ourselves in mind, body and spirit for the release of Bravely Second, let us have community play through of Bravel

Hi everyone! _Rules_ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

They teased us good but it'll be happening some time this year, I'm extremely excited about it! --Quote Nintendo D

Have you managed to convince someone (Aussie or otherwise) that an Aussie myth was a fact? I was on my schoolies, camping

When I'm sick, I always feel like drinking Lemonade. It's also the only time I will eat soup. Lastly, I get reall

Hi everyone! _Rules_ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hi all! This will be a short story where 5 different members have one paragraph (as a rough estimate) to progress the plot

How do you find the inspiration to write? Is there something we could set up in this forum that can help you to start you

I was wondering if anyone has ever done any post-modernist writing? It's generally considered to be where common construc

Welcome to the first, the one and only... _Who's that Pokemon?_ ___________________________________________________

_The Nursery Giveaway! _ Hello and welcome. This is a weekly giveaway for those with _200 posts_ or fewer when they reques

_It was a cold and stormy night. _ Really it was, had a storm blow through Melbourne the other night. My 3DS was left

Hi all, I'm building a team around Snorlax, he's been really fun in UU and I'd like to see if I can get him worki

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