I am a very gentle and kind person, sometimes to the point where you can simply call me a crybaby if you want, but you will definitely have no problem out of me unless you're a serious jerk or a smart alec.

I am a huge of Japan and of the video games or anime comes from there. I love to stay creative and inspirational. I am an optimist at heart. I am also an extreme night owl so I'm only up during the night hours. I also forgot to mention I'm currently learning how to speak japanese so if anybody out there can speak japanese please don't hesitate to get to know me because I admire japanese people

I usually love going out in rain and get wet while I catch frogs and play with them. I love alligators and crocodiles more than any other animal and I will warn you, it's an obsession. Vector the Crocodile from the Sonic games is my favorite video game character of all time. I still wish it was possible to have one as a pet.

I hate rationalists, realists, skeptics, negative nancys, nitpickers and trolls. I know that covers how many people act on the forums, but sorry that's how I roll. I'm very noble and honest with my friends and I will treat you as if you were my brother or sister so please don't hesitate to get to know me because I won't bite.


My favorite series: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Disgaea, Pokemon, Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, Sly, Ratchet & Clank, Project Gotham Racing, Burnout, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ridge Racer, Jak and Daxter, Blinx the Time Sweeper, Starfox

What I like do is to one day get invloved in the video game industry and get to meet the developers of the games I am such a huge fan of.

What I love best about the tech world is how awesome it gets with the innovation, processing power isn't everything but it definitely comes in handy when games get to the classic stage and game systems have the capacity to play them digitally. Other than that I love connecting to everybody who's such a big fan to a game i'm into as well.

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