This is Some Epic Story i made a few days ago. I probably wont post the next chapter on here..As if anybody would read it. -____________________________________________________The Legend of Chu and Pengu.___________________________________________________- ------------------------------Book 1--------------------------------------------------------The Zoid's First Attempt-------------------------------------------Book 1----------------------------------------- Hello , Welcome to a random Novel , well story I made. I might make a Book 2 , deiciding how the Book 1 does in it's progress. The Story is about 2 Friends gaining mysterious powers and end up learning and traveling to Instructors for there final Match with the ''Zoid" to save there long lost Friend. ----- WARNING : This Story Contains Lots of Descriptive Details on Action and Fighting details. Blood and Gore might be effected. Also Warning , Its awesome =P Genres : It has a Bit of Comedy , Some Drama , and Of Course High speed Action CopyRight (C) : The Story is Made from me and Me only. I have edited , typed the story and ideas from me (Characters Based on Real people and friends of mine but the first names are fake). There are estimated about more than 7 Chapters in the Story. Let the Story of Imagination , Wind through your mind as your brain picture the amazing qualitys of words can do, your imagination will lead you through this world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to My world of fantasy. I shall show you the Tale of the Two heroes who have long ago , saved the land of the World in my Imagination.... <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ---------------------------Chapter 1------------------------The Begining, Chu and Pengu!-------------------Chapter 1------------------------ There were 2 Random High school Kids. One of them was Pengu and the other was Chu. Pengu was a Boy , his full name was Pengu Trieu , While Chu's Full name was Chu Chung. They were a boy and a girl ( Chu = Girl , Pengu = Boy ) They were friends since Kindergarten..Pengu had short Spiky Brown hair and a slim body with lots of strenght in such a body. He's 15 years old. Chu Chung , she has Short Slim Perfect Hair.She was 13 years old. She had nice eyes and a good body. She also has great control and accuracy , such as Cone Dodgeball she'd always hit the cone down.But oh no there wasn't only 2 people.. There was a missing one.. the 3rd... Fluffy Spurgeon. He was reported Missing weeks ago. Chu and Pengu hasn't forgot , they tried there best to find him , in the end he was Missing , Dead Missing. Many people thought he died somewhere , but no. Chu and Pengu never believed something dumb as that. So.. One day after 2 months ago... In Highschool "Please open to page 123 please" said the Teacher "Pengu please read the 2nd Paragraph" "Yes'mam" Pengu replied while reading. =After School= "Agh!! i should of brought my lunch! the cafeteria food , i can still taste the After-taste.. Ugh." argued Pengu "Well I told you!! But noo!" Chu nagged "Ehh , wanna hit at the Pizza Parlor? My Treat" Said Pengu "Yeah Yeah! i guess i'm Hungry!" yipped Chu They went to the Pizza Parlor and ordered a Medium Pepporini Pizza "Mmm... I love the Pizza they make! it's always good, WAAAAY better than that cafeteria food!" complained again , Pengu "Hah! Well i gotta agree with the taste! Heh!" Chu replied After they ate , they went to the School's Gym "Alright Chu! Today's our Game! So don't get Sloppy!" "Yeah Yeah! Lets practice already! I want to play some badminton!" Chu said "But today's VolleyBall! Badminton's tomorrow dummy!" "Oh right... Wait Dummy? Pengu!!" They practiced and the Game started , They were playing Volleyball against a rival School it was a 2 on 2 game. They lost before but they gained lots of skill during 1 month. "Take This!!!" Pengu Yelled -BAM- Pengu spiked it over the net , giving a close tie "Game Point!" said the Ref. "Cmon Chu let's finish this!" Pengu said The other side Served , then Chu luckily Bumped it up , a perfect moment to strike in , but Pengu did a powerful volley way up for Chu "Finish it off CHU!" Chu jumped up with her control and accuracy she was able to hit in a big gap -SCORE- Chu and Pengu won the Game! "Nice one Chu!!" Pengu said "Aww Thankies for a chance for the Final score!" Chu replied "No Problem it's all about Teamwork" winked Pengu Then they did a perfect Hi-Fi together. Soon then they went to Pengu's House to Chill and take a snack "Im tired..." Chu said "Yeah , lets Rest for awhile" replied Pengu "Hey Hey! Im going to make a sandwich for us to snack on" said Pengu "Oh okay!" Chu replied Chu switches the T.V. on. Soon she see's a program and commercials like always "Im done! here ya go" Pengu said "Thanks!" "Ugh..more Commercials! Switch to the News Channel" Pengu said "New's Channel? That's sooooo boring!" Chu said Soon later it was getting late at night , the Dusk was coming out and the Dawn was breaking out "Agh! my mom is going to be Pissed! i gotta get home.!!" Chu said rushingly "Why don't you just call her for a sleepover or something? instead of rushing and making your mom pissed ahead of time?" "...Fine" Chu replied Chu picked up the Phone , she dialed the numbers , but no ring. "Wh-What? im gunna try again" She picked it up again , and again no ring. "Is your Phone out?" "What? No it works fine , you must of screwed it up!" "Pengu!!!" -SHING- The Lights came out and Chu screamed due to the surprising shut down. "What-What just happened Pengu?!" "I don't know..." -BOOM!- "What was that!!!" Pengu said "Get the flashlight.. its from the backyard!" "Got it" "Okay...Chu stay back." "Pssh You don't think im buff enough?!" "No you Ain't!" "WELL EXCUSE ME!!" "Shh Lets not put up a fight right now.." Pengu nagged "Fine fine , We'll settle this after!" Chu said "Ughh..." Soon then they realize a tree broke down , but it wasn't from the storms. It looked like it been fried! At the back of the Tree was a note... in scribbled righting , Pengu translated it easily and it wrote out as: -Hmm, it have been late , but now i came to realize that i have your dear friend , Fluffy Spurgeon he is currently locked away with me...The only chance you will be able to get him back is to face me!! Oh , how long i wanted to destroy you weaklings...Come by 3 months , or.. you shall die! if you don't even put up a fight! Hahahahahahaah! From your's Dearly... The Zoid.- "What...What...How will we even find this guy! , and Plus we don't even know how dangerous he can be!" Pengu said "Lookie! There's more...a Map?..." Chu said "Looks like he leaded us a map. It looks like were going to go East." Pengu replied "Were going?! you can't be serious! this could be some murderer! some serious wanted fugitive! for all we know he could be some alien invading our planet!!" Chu yelled "For Fluffy's sake , I don't give a care." Pengu said Chu was Silent.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | End of Chapter 1 | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ----------------------------------Chapter 2--------------------------The Soul Energy??-----------------------------Chapter 2--------------------------------------- Chu and Pengu haven't told their parents , instead they lied. The lie was that they were going to a summer camp , far far away. The geared up actually looking like they were going to summer camp. They had extra large back packs and lots of demonic weapons....Or more like spoons and forks.. "Are you Ready?" Pengu asked "As much I'll ever be" Chu replied back. They went on ahead as they left their homes and set off for an amazing event they'll ever witness in their whole life..Soon then the maps directs them to a town...they went on ahead as they reached the Old Relic Town... It was Quiet.They ventured ahead looking around... -RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE!!- "WHAT WAS THAT!?!" Chu said loudly "Hey Hey...Are you the only people here?" Said the stranger "Ahh i wanted to ask the same question!" Pengu replied "We've been kinda on a journey , we have no idea what to do really." Chu said sadly "Journey?..." Said the stranger..(The other) "Have you been request by a map...?" said one of the stranger "How did you know?..." Pengu said while grippling his will "Ha ha ha!! Finally! the ones the ones! Yes... You have received a map , Yes?" excitedly...said the stranger "Uhh.. Yeah.." said Chu "Your the ones to save the world yes? from the Mid-evil who sent you that map.. Please we are here to acomplish your helping and training along the way...The map you have gotten if not his, its ours.Its a map to the towns you need to process your Skill , you must learn all the skills you must need for the final bout" Said the stranger "Wow this is so Epic!" Pengu said yipping "But don't let your guard down.. We will test on your Soul Energy" Said the stranger "Say what?" said Chu "No worries we will do a 1 on 1 to test your so far ability's" Said the other stranger BOOM The 2 Strangers have dispersed in Illusions and dimensions , soon then Chu and Pengu has disapered seperated "Your friend is safe... My name is TyKin...I WILL BE YOUR TESTER!!" Yelled Tykin "Chu? Chu!?! OMG!" yelled Pengu Out of nowhere a sword appeared randomly in his hands.. Pengu knew what to use it for , Soon then to meet Chu again he must past this , so called test. "Hyaaah!" Pengu grunted As Pengu Swings the Sword without even going a near five centimetre near Tykin. Himself , TyKin starts glowing up his hand. "You will Die!! if you don't put up a fight!! No Mercy! " Yelled Tykin "Face.. My Soul Punisher..." TyKin fiercly looks like hes throwing a ball , soon out of now where a huge ball appears. As it grow in size , Pengu panicked. (Erg...What should i do? I could die! i must do something....Erg Whatever im going KamiKaze!!) Thought Pengu Pengu charged yelling while running and charging his sword he has in his Grasp of his hand....Soon then TyKin blasts the Energy Bomb , It flashed fast as ever , -CLANG CLANG!- "Err...Guh!!!" Pengu Grunted as his Sword starts Glowing as big as ever touching and guarding against the energy ball. "Huh?... So.. his Soul Energy Arrived with such short time? He might even Win Heh," Said TyKin "You Bet your ass i will win! , To get Fluffy , to See Chu again , I'LL DO ANYTHING! HYAAAH" Pengu Roared in Voice The sword Shined greatly , His Power overpowers the Ball of Energy , Soon then Pengu Slices through it if it was Cheese. But not thats not all , an after image of a Energy shaped into a Slash went forward to TyKin , But TyKin simply made a little barrier with his hands , guarding and smashing the Soul Blade... --- "Where...Where am i??" Chu said "Har har har! No worries your in my Dimension , Your friend will be fine! , If you and himself Survive that is!" "What! Where's Pengu?!" Chu whimpered "No worries , my name is KinKi , i shall train you alot more ahead , You may have more Soul Control than Pengu but your Soul Energy is lower than Pengu! Hah! Well.. If you want to see your little friend again , past my test!" "Fine!! To see Pengu again i will Beat MEANIE!" Chu yelled "Heh..Use this Bow and a few arrows then.. hah" Said KinKi "A Bow?? Wheres my awesomely owning sword!?" Argued Chu But too late , KinKi didn't hold back he rushed foward at a greater speed than Chu can react at. KinKi gave a fist to her , But Chu stopped it just in time! a little scratch on her face was bare , but she ran back , to catch some arrow distance before he can catch up in Face to Face motion again. "Eat this!" Chu yelled while Shooting the arrow , which she has never used ever before. PHOO! The arrow Missed him as KinKi dodged greatly , Soon such as TyKin , he charged up the Teq. Soul Punisher! "Can you Handle this type of Power?!" KinKi said agressivly "Hyah!" Chu shot all her arrows against KinKi , but uselessly The Soul Punisher burned them before they got even get near at KinKi (Ahh!!! No more arrows! What should i do..... Arg!!..wait...he mentioned something like Soul Energy...maybe its some mystical spirit power!..Wow that sounded epic...OH CRAP!) Before Chu can think KinKi blasted his attack ''HA HA HA HA! I knew it your not the ones!!" Said KinKi "Shuuut Up!!!" Yelled Chu " YOUR REALLY ANNOYING!!!! HYAAAAA!" Chu , due to the assy-ness of Kinki she fired an arrow , but not a simple , wooden one. No , it was Soul Energy itself! Like said she did have more potiental in controlling her Soul Energy , abling to do that she reformed to a sharp Soul Arrow. "YOU JERK!" Chu yelled while firing the beam of energy -FLASH- The Arrow flashed right through the Soul Punisher like if it was nothing at a speed of a Super Powered Jet. The Soul Punisher stars to degenerate and the Arrow continues on to KinKi. Unlike his own brother his reflexes were slow and weak , the Arrow pierced into his right shoulder and wounded him badly. "Oh noes! I hurt the teacher!" Screamed Chu "Heh..Heh.... Looks like you are the ones...I have underestimated you...I'm sorry" KinKi "Awww , its Okay! So am I done the test?" asked and forgived from Chu "Yes.. The Test was to release and control your soul energy , advantaged you were able to control better than Pengu. So you have passed." Said KinKi while waving his hands in a weird pattern Soon then KinKi broke through the Illusion zone , and they were back in the Town. "Wh-Where's Pengu? You promised me!" yelled Chu "Ugh...I'm sorry but your friend haven't passed the test yet.. it's the only way he can be able to come out, if he doesn't learn it might take him years.." KinKi said sadly "Pengu....Please past the Test and come back!" prayed Chu -- -CLANG CLANG!- "Urg!!.." "You haven't learned to Control your energy! Control it and you will double the power you have!" Said TyKin "How am I susposed to Control my darn Soul Energy when i have no Instructions?!?!" "This is the Test is all about! You must learn for yourself..." "I'll just finish you then!" rushed Pengu Pengu was running at a highest speed he can , he swings his Sword diagonally , But it was too late for TyKin's Fast reflexes.Pengu was frustrated not being to even touch the guy , alwayss yelling about controlling! Controlling! he was too pissed to even Listen or concetrate at all. "Hyah! , Hah! Erg!" Pengu grunted repeatedly "That's it! Old man , im going with my Soul Energy... Haaaaa" Pengu charges his Soul Energy in his sword , he was unable to control the Soul Energy into the one sword. Instead of attacking he just went out with no control dropping the sword and falling back. "Why Can't....WHY CAN'T I CONTROL IT!!" Yelled Pengu "Because , you won't listen to your own Soul and Will. Your acting like a child , Grow up kid." "Kid?...Child?...Listen?....Shut...UP!!" Pengu Yelled back "I will DESTORY YOU!!" Pengu's Eyes became Fireced and enlargened. "Control...Control...Control...Control....Control...." Pengu said repeatedly Soon then his Fierce Power was stable , Pengu used all his might and concetration to control his Soul and Will into the blade. "Heh...Taste MY Soul Punisher.. My New attack , The Shining Ray!" Yelled Pengu Pengu Fiercly attacked with a big After-Image of a Slash like last time , but it was Double the Size and Power! It was railing agaisnt the Ground , Smashing little bits and gravel along the way. "Finally! Let's test your Power so far!!" TyKin formed a little shield of Soul Energy with his Hands like earlier. -SHZZ CLING CLANG- The Sword was holding up against the Barrier , having trouble TyKin was sweating and frustrated trying to defend back "Heh...ILL FINISH THIS!!" Pengu Yelled behind him "Wh-What? When did he!" In the middle of his shielding he got careless of what was around him. "It's Over.." Pengu said Pengu was holding his sword against his Neck from the back "I Won... Old man" "Heh...I guess you did..Pengu." TyKin replied They reported back to where Chu was. "Pengu!!!!!" Chu said while Skipping to him "Chu...Im back..Wait Your done the Test already!?!? WHAT!" Pengu said "Ha ha! You looose!" Chu yipped "Erg...So how long have you've been waiting?" "Well.. Pengu you were SOOO Slow that i had to wait 20 minutes! I mean cmon! making a lady Wait like that!" "Heh.. Lady?! Don't make me laugh , Girl." Pengu replied "G-Girl?! Penguuuu!!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |End of Chapter 2| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -----------------Chapter 3--------------------------------The Zoid's Plan-----------------------------Chapter 3--------------------------- Omega Zoid. The one and dirty creature who gained depression , anger and hate in his past childhood. It all began since he was born. As soon as he was born his mother though of her only son , a monsterous creature. As a baby he didn't look right , he had no similarities to his mother nor father. His skin was a light Blue pale colour , his eyes were large and huge. He had stiff white hair , it doesn't represent that he is old. It's just natural for the so called Demon.He was all alone , his family left him , he had no friends to turn to. Everybody called him .... Monster..Monster..Monster...... Endurance and living was the only thing that mattered to him. After years of gathering , stealing , traveling he managed to live , but his Love and Happiness and Joy was erased from his Heart and Mind. The only emotions he had left was for Kill , Anger , and Depression. He slaughtered and slaughtered for his own hobby. His Anger wanted to erase everybody to feel his only pain. That no one could understand. ALso through these years his body became more monsterous looks and details.....And this gets to the part when he might be brought to justice at the end.... or will he......... "Heh....Foolish Humans.. even if they possess the Soul Energy , their weak power can't ammount a quarter of my power!!" Said the Zoid Zoid watches through the Orb of Seeking , an Orb that is able to track anyone. A mystic Teq. from himself from dedicated killing and training alone. =In the Orb= "Cmon! Chu your so slow! we gotta go to the next town to learn new attacks!" Pengu said loudly at Chu while she is far behind "Okay okay!!!! Wanna race?!" Shouted Chu back as she joggs up to Pengu "Pfft Race? , Fine ill beat you though!!!" Pengu said "In your Dreams! 3 2 1 GO!" "Chu! HEY YOU CHEATER!!" "Na-Na-Na" "EY!!!! CHUUU!!!!!" =Out of the Orb= "Tch..Playing useless things while am around?...There not even scared of me?...Pathetic!! i'll send my army at them..Tch.." Zoid said angrly 10 minutes later Chu and Pengu almost arrived to the town , suddenly like Zoid said monsters from his E Group went along ahead to fight the intruders. The E group are armour bodied ( Legs and Arms ) Lizards that are Green , Red and Blue with a Head mask , Two shoulder protector pads , Knee pads , and Double Kanzir Daggers which is in a waved shape and are pretty small but effective in damage. But there is a leader of Group E , It was a black Lizard his power is amazingly stronger and his size is also alot bigger , he has a tale and his legs are big and stretchy and able to jump at a amazing height. His arms are pretty long and he has Two Black Scimitars. In shapes of Long blades and Curled and Shaved up a bit. "...What's that noise??" Pengu said "Don't make excuses to get ahead of me!" Chu shouted "Im not! Listen!" "Pengu...I hear it too! is somone following us..." "GET DOWN!" Pengu Yelled Pengu and Chu ducked down-body to the ground. Out of nowhere Arrows were shooting out and in. Pengu got up and drew his two-handed blade out of it's sheathe that TyKin gaved him as a weapon to defend himself.While Chu took out the Strong Metal and Wood Bow KinKi gave her. "Ready? Let's see who can take out the most enemies!" Pengu said while being Back to Back with Chu "No Duh!" Chu replied The Lizards came out and they all started rushing in for the attack except the Leader. Pengu goes in for the kill and uses his Soul Energy in his blade and swings it around in a pattern without one damage received, the lizards are falling down and down. Soon then a Lizard appeared behind him , he dropped the blade for a second , but he pushed the blade backwards before it falls o nthe ground useing the handle smashing the Lizard's Stomach. And Pengu Slashes left and right continuesly and makes twirls to attack the behind. "Arg!.. Too many... ill just finish them all!" Pengu grunted Soon Pengu reveals an attack that he hasn't practiced for a long time. "The Oni-Spin!" Pengu kept his balance of his body in one foot and starts twirling around as if he's doing water acrobats. He reveals his blade out and uses Soul energy to make the Tip of the sword a bigger size to attack more. Soon then he spins in high speed and dice'n slice everything around him. The Lizards are cut with deep gashes of blood and wounds falling down and again. Some gets completely chopped off. "Har har har..........Ugh... DIZZY! DIZZY!" Pengu said while stopping The Lizards aren't finished yet , more and more came. " My God!!! How many are there!" Pengy yelled "HYAH!!!!!!" Chu used her Soul arrows and placed five-soul arrows at once and rapidly shot all of em , each had a pierce through it's body as blood gushings out and as they fall down. "Huh...Huh....Too many!! I can't use too much Soul Energy I'm almost out..." as Chu was breathing for air "C'mon! Chu hang on there!" Pengu shouted Chu went on and kept running , as she charges a Soul Arrow and jumping around while shooting them , and dodging as the Lizards swing the daggers around. They were Known as Group E because they were the weakest group of Zoid's Army. __ "Heh...Such weaklings they can't handle even a Group E. Tch! They won't put up a fight at this bare of time!" Zoid yelled "I'll just command the Leader to attack already!!" Soon then Zoid telepathicly talks to Ryuku , the leader's name. "Yes..Sir" Said Ryuku "Tch , You better not fail , I want them to push their limits! To see their true power..Hah" Zoid replied "But sir , which one shall I take on?" "Ryuku..I guess your too weak to take on both! , Foolish just take on that Boy...I see alot of potential in him , so futher-on do as told" "Yes Sir." Soon then Ryuku sent all his men to Chu. "Hey!! Why all me?!" Chu yelled "C-Chu!" Pengu answered "I Don't think so!" Ryuku shouted while appearing infront of him Ryuku soon then smacked Pengu across the field , 10 metres at the most. "Ar-Arg!! Fine , let's play hardball!" Pengu shouted trying to get back up. "Heh..Do you think you can defeat me?!" said Ryuku Ryuku used his super strong legs to jump 50 feet in the air. He pulled out his Double Lizardo Schimitars. "Double Chainsaw Strike!" Ryuku yelled Ryuku uses his Double blades and uses his Soul Energy making a former little outside sheathe that's revolving in high speed making it like a chainsaw. "A...Darn!!" Pengu yells trying to fend off the attack "Finishing Blow!" Ryuku yelled Ryuku yelled and used the Soul Energy thats shielding the blades to blow it all off on Pengu making a tremedous blast. "Don't Think so!! Shining Raaay!!" Pengu yelled and fending back against the blast of wave energy blown from Ryuku "W-What!? You can use Soul Energy even from one day?! i...impossible!" Ryuku said while standing back , then caught his grip and got serious "I'll win! I'LL NEVER LOSE TO A HUMAN!" Grunted Ryuku But Pengu's Soul Energy had an amazing amout of power , easily crushing the Energy Wave, and it sill revolves moving towards Ryuku. "Haaaaar!!" Ryuku used his double blades fending against the Shining Ray "If your going to win , then don't leave your guard down!" said Pengu Pengu , did the same teqnique against TyKin , he soon was behind Ryuku, ready to dice him. "Die!" -SQUIRT SQUIRT..SLASH SLUSH- __ "Too much! , I can't handle this much!!!!" Chu moaned Chu shoots and shoots Soul Arrows , after one and one and one and one......The Lizard's number lowered from 2000 to 600 , It was too much for Chu to solo 2000 Lizards alone. "It's...too much..." Chu started to lose her breath and started getting too drowsy "Don't Give up now! After you passed the test easily like that!" KinKi shouted "Kin...Ki?.." Chu said quietly "SOUL PUNISHER!" KinKi yelled -BOOM , SHZZ- KinKi summons the Soul Punisher and Blew off a numerous of Lizards. Soon then KinKi starts fighting the Lizards with his High class level of Soul Energy , using his hands to fire beams round'n round. Soon then KinKi uses up his Soul Energy to gain back Chu's Lost. "Ur...Urg....Chu...Let's Finish this." said KinKi After being drained from a huge amount of Soul Energy , KinKi was able to stand up once again. Chu , with the side of KinKi's power started to shoot down the Lizards , one by one. "2356...2357...2358...." Chu whispered to herself quietly "Huh? What are you talking about?" KinKi whispered back "Oh..Its nothing, Ahh! we gotta get back to the fight!" Said Chu They fought , side by side killing one after the other.Soon then , with paitence they have finished the army of 2000 Lizards. "G-...Good Job.." said KinKi panting and Panting " the competition , Pengu...." Chu replied Soon then , KinKi and Chu fell down sitting , and slept against the big tree where they fought. __ "It over." Pengu whisper as he swang his blade. -SQUISH SQUISH SQUIRT SLUSH- "N---Never..." answered Ryuku "What?!?!" Pengu shouted Ryuku gained incredible power and used the blades in one hand to defend against the Shining Ray , while using his Bare hand against the Sword , making it gush out blood and cutting into deep wounds. "Heh....Zoid's Power , is amazing!!!!" Ryuku shouted "Z-Zoid..?" Pengu questioned Soon then Pengu flashbacked and remembered the letter , it was signed by the ''Zoid" himself. "S-So... you guys are working with the..Zoid?!!" Pengu shouted "OF COURSE!!HA HA MY POWER IS UNIMAGINABLE!! ILL CRUSH YOU!!" Yelled Ryuku Ryuku backed off Pengu's blade and swirved off the Shining Ray to a different direction , soon then it crushed and blew all the tre's and bushed in the way , until it met a big Boulder far far away from viewing distance from Pengu was. "ILL USE MY FINAL ATTACK! HAR HAR!!" Ryuku yelled "Working...Fluffy....Enemy....Zoid...!!!" Pengu whispered Pengu's eye became bare and fierce like with TyKin. Unable to detect before but , the Zoid from his Seeking Orb saw everything. "HA!...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Pengu Yelled with great Aura around him and pressure destroying the landscape around him "I.. WILL KILL THE ZOID MSELF... FLUFFY!!!!" "DON'T BE FOOLISH! THE ZOID IS THE STRONGEST , ILL KILL YOU BEFORE YOU WASTE HIS TIME!" Ryuku yelled back , surrounding his power -in a like aura similar to Pengu's but not as strong. Soon then Pengu disapeared in a Teleporting speed , right behind Ryuku , he flashed him , but it was too late Ryuku caught him movement with one sword , and then used the other sword to charge in and stab him. Pengu easily rotated the sword and defended it , soon then he used Rushed and swiped against Ryuku , and Ryuku was stunned in fear and pain. "ARR!!!!!!!!!" Pengu yelled in Fierce eyes and gave an emitting an edged jump , bouncing right back to him , like if he was a rubber ball. Soon then Pengu used his sword and swiped him again , and again and repeated in quick speed and was diced. "IT'S OVER!!!!!!" Shouted Pengu Pengu Did the finished Blow and stabbed him with the last swipe. "HEH....HEHEHEH! ARG!!!!!!!" shouted Pengu again and again "Arg....ARG! C-CH-CHU ST-STAY BAAAACK!! AHHHH" Chu woke up with the noise Pengu made , she soon realize his Overwhelming anger got into his Power and made the Soul Levels out of Balance , hencefore unable to control such unbalanced high level of Soul Energy. "ST-STOP!! ME!!!" Pengu yelled __ "Heh...Heh!! He went Berserk Ey?... He might be stronger than he looks , but he won't be able to control it...HEH!" Zoid laughed "He's going to Die from the outbreak of power heh..." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |End of Chapter 3| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ---------------------------------Chapter 4---------------------------------------Berserk!!! , Calm Down Pengu!!--------------------------------------------Chapter 4-------------------------------- "Grrr...!!" Pengu grunted Pengu was in his Power's Control , he couldn't think straight. His eyes were now bare with no Pupil , Pure white. Chu was scared , also KinKi. They were too weak to stop him. "GAAH!" Pengu smashed the tree's and boulders "Gr...HEH..HEH...Zo-ZOID!" Pengu shouted "Wh-What happened , KinKi , tell me!" asked Chu loudly "...Well , From all I know...I guess this is called Berserk Mode.." KinKi said quietly "Gr..GRAH!" Pengu Kept smashed everything in his way , Chu and KinKi were next. "Tell Me!!! KinKi!!" Chu shouted at him "It's when your anger overwhelms your own Soul Energy and Will. Causing the Anger to discorrupt the balance between The Soul Energy and Will. When that happens the Power over takes your Body and Mind causing you to go insane , wanting to destroy everything..." said KinKi "Is that all?!" Chu said eagerly "And...The sad part is, if he can't control it and balance the Will and Soul ... He will be crushed from his own Soul Energy. In other words , he's going to die" KinKi said quietly Chu was Stunned , she couldn't talk..she thought to herself that he wouldn't and couldn't do anything at all. She started to pour moonswell tears across her cheeks. She didn't want him to die. She wanted to Live with Pengu...and with Fluffy , Be in the group and think of the happy times again. But no it was all ruined since now. "C'mon! We gotta get out of here before WE become the targets!! We will die ourselves!" KinKi yelled "No..." Chu replied "What?! You don't understand we gotta go!!" shouted KinKi "No...I Won't run away. Not again like with Fluffy , I wont quit! I'll stop Pengu with my own hands!" said Chu "But, you'll be crushed! His Soul Energy is Berserk! At a level of yours you can't stop it! Not even me or TyKin can stop it. Even if we were together!" KinKi shouted "I don't CARE! All I want is.. To be together again...With Pengu...and Fluffy , So Don't TRY TO STOP ME!" Chu said while Crying loudly. "Ch-Chu...." KinKi whispered. Chu soon then runs up going to Pengu and stoping him , She pulls out her Bow and charges up her Soul Arrow. She's going to wound and hurt Pengu to stop him. While crying she said aloud "Pengu! Stop..STOP IT! I don't wanna go to this idea!...So please... Regain your balance! I don't ever wanna hurt you.. So STOP IT!" "Gr..!! Gahh!! ARG!" Pengu kept grunting , while trying to resist the Soul Energy's Anger and Power. But it was too late , the Power was controlling too long , he couldn't stop it.. "H-Arg...!Hi-Hit M-Me!!" Pengu said while trying to Resist But those were the only words he was able to say. Chu was too scared to hurt him , she kept thinking that she would kill him or something. Or that she would hurt him. "GARG!!" Pengu saw Chu directly and rushed up against her. "P-P-Pengu!" Chu yelled Pengu punched Chu far away , he wasn't satisfiyed yet. He still rushed up against her and then drop kicked her strongly into the hard ground. They soon to be in a outskirts of the Forest. Plains and Rocks were only to be seen. But Pengu wanted to crush everything , including Chu. He soon kicked her making her roll over the rocky soil. Chu tried to get back up again , with bruises and dirt on her. "P-Pengu...Stop it..." Chu said quietly "Grr!! Urg!!" Pengu rushed again trying to hit Chu with a final blow. -SZZZZ UNCH- "Ar-Arg!!" KinKi grunted "Heheheeh! GRAH!!" Pengu smashed KinKi KinKi flew across Chu falling down. Soon then KinKi's brother , TyKin came from the urgent message KinKi sent. "Brother!!!" TyKin yelled "Ugh... Im fine...We gotta stop him.." KinKi whispered while getting up from his-already bruised body. "We Must then!" TyKin replied "We gotta use our Resonance!!" Told KinKi "Indeed, Im ready when you are." TyKin replied again Soon then they both using their hands , facing the same way as each other , soon then in the gap between them , was a giant Soul Punisher but formed into a smaller but deadlier state. It was Black and White. the Aura and Ligthning around it was black , while the Huge orb in the middle was pure white flashing. Soon then it starts to have its on Gravitation pull , and allowing pressure on the ground beneath it. KinKi and TyKin are trying to handle the pressure and power. Soon then Pengu spotted them and he rushed into them quickly as possible. "It's Too late! Meet our Twin Resonance attack! The Star-Dust Bomb!" Said KinKi and TyKin in tune of voice. "GARGR!!" Pengu yelled while getting into a 7.3 metre radius. "Haaaaar!! Star-Dust Bomb!!" yelled KinKi and TyKin together. Launching with one hand for both of them , and throwing the Star-Dust Bomber , it Rushed against Pengu in High speed , Soon then he knew what to do , he just simply dodged it , normally he would just smash into it. But No. His own Soul had a mind of its own , and it was smart enough to dodge. "Pengu, NO!" Chu yelled while Gripping Pengu in a Arm Lock. "GR..!!!" Roared Pengu "We will go both out then! No Stopping!" Chu said while givign a tighter Grip. Using her Soul Energy she was able to hold him for a few seconds , enough to hold him for the Star-Dust Bomb. "Chu!!!" yelled KinKi "Get out of the WAY!" shouted TyKin "No! He will dodge it! , And even if he did. I Would rather go out with him! Together..!" Chu got mad and held the Grip stronger. "IDIOT!" yelled Chu Pengu regained a bit of his mind..but... -SHZZZ BOOOM- The Star-Dust Bomber took a direct hit against Pengu and Chu. They were knocked out unconcious. But they were breathing , Luckily. Soon then due to the Strains the Star-Dust Bomb gave against TyKin and KinKi , the brothers also fell down and unconcious. __ "....They took him down. Tch , Pengu...He's a tough one..a Tough one , indeed." said Zoid , then laughed "Sir! Group E has been slaughtered and taken down!" said one of the soilders "Yes..Yes....I know..." said The Zoid "Your Orders , SIR!" repeated the Soilder "Stand back....We won't do anything for now..that is...HehHehHeh...." Laughed the Zoid __ Soon then after awhile TyKin woke up. He soon woke up KinKi. "Urg...We stopped him.." TyKin said "With Chu's Help.. that is" KinKi added "Ur-Urg.." said Chu trying to wake up "TyKin! Get the aid kit i told you to get" Shouted KinKi "Yeah I know!" answered TyKin Earlier , when KinKi told him the urgent message , he also told him to get a healing kit..... __ Moments later , Chu was restored and healed 70% of her wounds and bruises from the Star-Dust Attack. " he alive?'' Said Chu "Yes , but he's still Knocked out. It's best for his Will and Soul Energy to regain their balance while he rests." TyKin replied "Ah...Okay..Thats good news.." said Chu "We should start going to the next town." said KinKi "Are you going to be coming with us now?" said Chu "No..Im sorry but we don't have the time , us , ourselves are working on something to stop the Zoid. From now on , there's no one else to help. You two are on your own." sadly , replied TyKin "Okay..Thanks for all of this...Especially you KinKi , You saved my life." said Chu shyly "Uh..No Problem..Just try to get better and hope that Pengu will live." blushed , and said KinKi While Pengu is out , and Chu is still hurt. Chu carried Pengu back to the town that was needed for Pengu's and Chu's Adventure to save their long lost missing friend...... Fluffy... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |End of Chapter 4| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------Chapter 5---------------------------------------------New bond! , Gathe.-----------------------------------Chapter 5------------------------------------------------ As Chu and Pengu ( On Chu's Back) arrive at the town. Unlike the other Old Relic FolkTown , it had many people in it. Like alot , it was a city. It would be hard to find the next instructor in such a map that only shown the city's and towns. Un-mentioned before but the Map , itself has only 4 towns designed on it. "What a drag! How would I find the next instructor in this Big CITY!" Chu moaned "Ugh..I'm hungry and thirsty...Hey a convience store! how Convinent!" yipped Chu "I think I got money... Right? Oh yeah Pengu packed it in the bags. . . . .WAIT WHERES THE BAGS?!?!" Chu shouted "Darn IT!! We dropped the Baggs when those Lizardo's attacked...Huh? Hey! There's 3 dollars in cash in Pengu's Pocket! " With such LOW money , Chu still went into the Convience Store. Soon then she went around and bought a bag of chips , and a water bottle. Which really costed 3 dollars in total with the tax. "That'd be 3 DigiTex" said the Cashier (Wait..What? DigiTex?...It must be some slang..) thought Chu She gave the 3 CANADIAN dollars to the Cashier "What's THIS?, This is garbage I need 3 DigiTex!!" The cashier shouted. He was really buff and had a mustache so Chu backed off "But..This is the money in our world! It's still money!" Chu argued "NO! 3 DIGITEX IS 3 DIGITEX! IF YOU HAVE NO MONEY THEN GET OUT YOU WEAK LITTLE GIRL! And your Sleeping friend TOO!" yelled angrily , the Cashier "Hey, Hey. Cut her some slack she's just hungry and thirsty" said a stranger "Well YOU try paying for the DigiTex then! Money doesn't grow on Tree's ya know!!" nagged the Cashier "That line is overated , Geez." replied the stranger in a relaxed voice. Soon then the random person threw 3 Digitex also known as ''Money'' at the counter of the Cashier. Soon then the Cashier was all happy as if it never happened and said ~Have a Nice Day~ In a irrating tune against Chu. Soon then the Stranger went out the door and walked down the road. The stranger had short Blonde hair , with a "Punk" Hat. He had some slack jeans and a long blue stripped and black shirt. His eyes were droopy. To put it in one word , He was a Slacker-kind of guy. But , then Chu ran out and went up to the stranger. "H-Hello.. my name's Chu... And i want to thank you for the money.. sorry im new to this.. city." said Chu "The name's Gathe. Ga-Teh. And no sweat on the Money. Your new ey? Where ya From." as he takes a sip from a medium sized Coke-flavoured Slurpee "Chilliwack...BC. On Earth" Chu said Gathe almost upchucked out his slurpee but he held it down. "Eyyy? From Earth huh. " said Gathe Also , Dear reader I have no mentioned this before , but now is an important time. So I shall explain. No , Pengu and Chu didn't randomly walk to some mystic towns with weird powers and stuff. Oh no. This isn't Earth , or even the world we live in. It's the Fantasy World. AS they walked near , a big portal opened up for Pengu and Chu when they first tried to come. Well since you got a little taste on the story. We shall resume to our present time. "Uh...Yeah, we received some map to come here." replied Chu "Were you forced?" answered Gathe , pretty quickly after Chu "Oh , No." Chu replied "Hmm?" Gathe interupted "Me and Pengu , The person on my back , deicided to come on our own Will." "And how come is that? accepting some dangerous , and not to mention random quest?" said Gathe "It's because.. Our long lost MISSING friend dissapeared. We finally have a track where he is. We won't give up till we find him!" shouted Chu in a Drama voice. "Heh...Heh...." Gathe took little laughs "Wh-What's so funny!!! This is Drama! This suspose to be SAD!" Argued Chu As they walked along the roads of this small - city. Arguing and talking. A Great and New Friendship have been made. __ They arrive at Gathe's House. It was a small house. and Of course it was messy. It looked like an apartment room. 1 Bedroom , 1 Bathroom and 1 Living room, plus a small kitchen. As they opened the door the stench of smelly socks and clothes fill up the room. They soon arrived at the living room , with one small T.V. and a little couch chair , nothing more. The floor was carpented, Chu left Pengu sitting on the floor and his back against the wall. There were also a tiny hall leading to the Bedroom and Bathroom. Chu didn't bother to be curious and look.Gathe went to the mini-fridge in the small kitchen. He took out a can of Rootbeer. Soon then Chu finally realizes that she suspose to be looking for the Instructor "Uhh!! Oh Crap! I need to find the Instructor!!" Paniced Chu "Instructor you Say?" said Gathe while opening a can of Root beer. "Yeah! As a part of our quest we need to find certain people as instructors to train us and help teach us new Teqniques! I've been trying but this city has too many people to figure out! Ahh!" Chu yelled "Hey , i heard something about it. Yeah...It's a rumour lately. I think your suspose to go down to Courtside Avenue. Heres the directions and address" said Gathe Soon then Gathe hands over a poorly drawn but able to view clear enough , to Chu. "Woww!! Really thanks!! just the help i needed today. Thanks for helping me , Twice!" yipped Chu "" said Gathe Soon then Chu picks up Pengu and left the house and rushed to the street where Gathe directed. __ Chu arrives at the destination and nothing , or no one was there at all. It was just an Dark abandoned alley. "Erg..." Chu grunted... -SHZANG- Soon then a portal , similar to the one Chu and Pengu saw when they entered this world , appeared. Chu's instincts obviously told her to go through the portal. -SHZOOM- She enters the portal with Pengu , it was a big space-y chamber. It wasn't dark it was pretty bright. the floor was a little designed like clouds and then there was a never-ending sky. The sky's colour was the colour of the sunset, Purple and Orange. Chu stepped inside as the portal disappears , Chu looked back. Then continued on. Soon then a mysterious Shadow appeared. "So...You came , finally" said a person who sounded familiar to Chu. "Who ..are you? Are you the instructor i've been searching for?!" asked Chu "Yes...Yes.. I am.. and not only that im a dear friend...." Said the stranger The mysterious stranger takes off the hood and shows that he's Gathe! "Gathe..?!" suprisingly said Chu "Why didn't you tell me?!" "Because...The others...They musn't know. For that can disrupt your own quest..." said Gathe "If you haven't noticed , Zoid has been watching over you" "Wha-What!?..He's some stalker!?" shouted Chu "No.. he has some Orb allows him to locate and picture what their doing." said Gathe "THAT'S STILL STALKING! I feel so Violated!" yelled Chu "Guess so... Well anyways this Place is the Horinal Chamber , He can't locate us here." said Gathe "Pheww! , When I face him im gunna punch his GUTS OUT! , Stalking me , pfft...Pervert." said Chu "Heh..Well anyways lets train. Today's intruction is Capture the Flag , that's all. This learns great reflexes and accuracy , and a clever mind." said Gathe "But Pengu's Out!" shouted Chu "Don't worry. We will still do the Training." shouted Gathe "So how do we play?" said Chu "Simply add on this belt which has 100 pounds of weight on it , also I will wear a little flag. Now , the point is to Take the flag from me , got it? And you will only leave when you have the Flag in your hands." explained Gathe Soon then Gathe adds the Flag and clipped it onto his pants. Chu takes out her bow , and gets into her standing position. "Are you ready?" Said Gathe taking out his weapons "G-Guns?.." whimpered Chu Gathe took out two pistols in high definition and clear white. No bullets were stored but he still used em. "Not any ordinary Gun. It's a Soul Gun. Abling to shoot Soul Bullets instead and has a unique way of handling." said Gathe "B-But!! I have a bow and you got Guns! Guns have alot more Fire Rate!!" "Don't worry, thats this lesson is about." replied Gathe "Wouldn't Pengu be dissapointed if you didn't even try? You surely would dissapoint me." "Urrg...True.. Fine! I'll battle you Gathe! I am going to Swipe that flag!" "Here... Add on this Belt , Chu. Then we shall start this training lesson." said Gathe as he thrown the 100 pound belt to Chu. Chu strapped it on , and got ready. Even though The belt was 100 lb's , it didn't affect her much since she carried Pengu around alot. "So.. Pengu did help you then" said Gathe "Wh-What?" questioned Chu "You were carrying him for a long amount of time , making you wearing the belt no difference. "Lets battle already! No more chatting!" shouted Chu as she dashed to Gathe -ZZZING- Gathe soon disapears behind Chu. "I'm not that weak , ya know." said Gathe " And No mercy will be given." Gathe uses his right palm and left elbow to hit Chu's back , which flung her in a great distance and leaving a great level of pain. Chu soon to starts getting her bow out and charged up the Soul Arrow , and has a perfect LOCK-ON against Gathe. "Tooo SLOW!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |End of Chapter 5| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -----------------------------------Chapter 6------------------------------Chu Vs Gathe!-------------------------------------Chapter 6------------------------------------------ -BOOM!- Gathe sped up too fast for Chu to shoot , yet again Gathe used the Gun's Handle to deal a great damage. "Urrgh!" Chu grunted trying to hit Gathe. "I May look like a slacker , but i am stronger than you think..." replied Gathe Gathe soon runs around Chu in a great amount of speed. Soon then using his own Soul energy he forms a tornado , and Chu's trapped right into it. After the high speed wind appears Gathe uses his Gun to shoot at Chu while the tornado is spinning. The bullets were shooting like rain all over the place. Gathe ran around and around while shooting bullets hitting Chu in intense damage. "Split Hurricane!" yelled Gathe Again and again running around , after a minute or two Gathe stops the firing and running. Chu fell down. She's still alive and was awake , but she was half unconcious. "Ugh.." Chu grunted while trying to get up "Like I said. This was meant for both of you. You alone won't pass this so easily" said Gathe Chu runs up while having bow in hand. She wasn't intending to use her bow now , soon then infront of Gathe she uses a Soul Arrow , but not on the Bow. She used her hand to hold and even though it was burning , she threw the Arrow in intense speed. Obviously it wasn't as fast as using a Bow. But with Chu's intelligence and Straight A's she threw it at higher power. Why? It was because when you use a Bow , you just shoot the Soul Energy. Now , if you throw it , your able to give a powerful surge while in hand and when activating in hand to hand contact. "Hyah!" Chu grunted "Hmph!" grunted back from Gathe He used his bullets , in a standing position , Legs were bent and he turned the Gun's Sideways and kept shooting the increased power Arrow. Sadly , the Bullets had enough power to pierce the arrow's energy and emitting an explosion. Gathe wasn't done yet , with big clouds of smoke he rushed up into it. "Haaa!" said Gathe as he charged up a beam of repeated bullets , aiming at Chu. __ "Huh...Where am I...." said Pengu in his dreams Pengu soon to be in his own dreams , it felt more realastic. " your dreams." said a mysterious Voice "Wh-Who's there?!" shouted Pengu "Someone , who is near , and close to you... Hah..." said the Voice again "Urrg! Why am i here? Why can't i wake up?!" "The reason is , for that you haven't learned your lesson , not at all , Nope" chuckled the voice "What lesson! and this sounds too Corny!!" "Tch..Tch... Oh Pengu. You haven't realized what you have done with your powers of Berserk." "What do you mean?!" questioned Pengu "Paitence...Paitence...." replied the Voice Soon then in his Dreams Pengu was surrounded with puffs of pink sky , but in the centre where he was floating was empty. Soon then a big screen popped up when the Sky's formate into a circle. Soon then it shows recent things as what have happened when berserk in his eyes. "Th-That can't be me!" Yelled Pengu "Oh it is... Heh ... and look who you have hurt at the very end" Soon then it shows when TyKin and KinKi used the Star-Dust Bomber against Chu and Pengu. Also showing when they all fell down. "DO you see now?.." said the Voice " You've been hurting your friends and even yourself with this power. You can't control it... Your anger is going nuts" "W-What...i can't believe it.." said Pengu Soon then the Clous formate a straight floor at the bottom. Pengu kneeled down and with his arms pushing against the ground. He looked like he was crawling. But , he was crying. For all the pain he caused. He doesn't even know if hes dead or alive , including the others. "What....What can I do to stop...This terror" said Pengu "Oh...IS that all you want to know?...Heh..." Replied the Voice "Who's the Corny one now? Ehh..." "Just tell me..." said Pengu "Eh? Fine... But I want to recon. That im your Berserking Side." said the Voice Pengu was stunned. "I am your Berserk. Your side of hatred and anger...You want to control my powers? Heh... Learn what you must do." said Berserk. "Learn WHAT?!" shouted Pengu "TO learn to control your own hatred.. and tame me Hah!" grinned the Berserk. Or so that he would if he had a face. "Tame...Tame my own hatred and you?.." questioned Pengu "Oh....You just need to Learn...Learn....The true meaning of yourself and Chu to go on this killing event. Heh...Then you'll know...Then you'll use my powers...Listen and Learn..." replied Berserk __ -BANG BANG- Gathe was hitten down. "W-What??" said Gathe "It's not OVER!" said Chu She shot an arrow into Gathe's Back. "URG!!..Gah..How did you.." said Gathe "Simple! I used Pengu." said Chu "What?!" Gathe shouted Soon then when the smoke cleared up , Pengu standing against the walls of the Chamber. "I used Pengu as a distraction while i sneak up!" said Chu "Clever..." replied Gathe "Heh! But still i'll take that flag!" shouted Chu as she ran Chu started to shoot the floor with arrows.Circling around Gathe. Gathe just jumped out of the way when Chu tried to attack him. "Plan..SUCCESS!" said Chu Gathe soons to look around him. He was stuck in a Circle shaped format of arrows. "This was my plan all along! Dont underestimate my A's!" said Chu "CIRCLING , CAPTURE!" yelled Chu Soon then she sets off the Soul energy that was kept inside , making glows of light blasting up into a high distance in the air. Chu soon then Jumps up and charges up a strong arrow. "Direct HIT!" said Chu -PHEING- The arrow shot strongly and in a high speed jet. Gathe wasnt able to dodge , due to the Trap. "I Won't lose YET!" Gathe yelled Gathe used his Soul guns to shoot repeatily against the Arrow. With enough shots it broke down. "Part 2!" shouted Chu Soon then when the arrow went down , a second one was exactly behind it! It was too late for Gathe to shoot it down , Gathe tried to open the Soul Trap. And he did , a little spot for him to escape , and yet again he did so. The arrow missed Gathe's Body and He was off the hook. "I win...Gathe!" "What do you mean? You missed me" Said Gathe Soon then Chu reveals the little flag Gathe had against his hip. "My plan was to shoot down the Flag. Heh!" said Chu as she was bruised then was unconcious for a second and fell down "Chu!" said Gathe as he sped up to Chu and he got her. __ "Urg....So..Chu and Pengu already found Gathe ey? Heh...a Good chance for now is to assemble the Group D!" said the Zoid "SIR YES SIR!" said the Captain Soon then Group D was going to strap up and attack. Group D had Golems. Big Rocked Golems. No face at all. Big rock filled golems. They had a slightly bright colour of Stone and they were huge. VERY HUGE. There was 99 of them. Plus the Leader. Gornak. He was a huge Fire Golem. He had Lava Rocks instead of Stone. It was Deep Red. The same kind of figure but he was 50x stronger than a normal golem. His special attack is the Magma Errupt. He had one Fist and another Fist. Unlikethe oither golems who just had big long rocks for arms. He had a Lava Fist. It was filled with Lava and Magma. He also had a Face. HE had 2 Small eyes coloured of Bright Red and Mouth. But the mouth was protected and had a speaker by using a Magma cover. "Excellent...Pengu is out...Chu is too weak.... Gathe is a one man army...I will finally see if they are worthy to battle me...and Of course...Fluffy. __ "Chu you did great. You passed the 1/2 part of the Test" "What?! 1/2 part? Gathe what do you mean!" shouted Chu "It's not over at all. Next is your endurance and Practice test." said Gathe "What's that?" questioned Chu "Were going to power up your Soul Energy and Accuarcy. Don't worry this one is really easy." explained Gathe Soon then Small red ''BULL'S EYE" appeared. They were tiny. Like REALLY tiny. It was a size of a mouse. "Whaaa! how am i going to hit that!" said Chu "That's what we are going to practice on. Shape Manipulation. Changing your Soul Energy to a different Shape. Indeed you already have done that with shaping it to a strong arrow. But not in General , of Size." "Why would i need to do that?" said Chu "Most Enemies have weakspots. Changing your Size will make a difference. Let me explain. Lets say you have a boulder. The middle of the spot is the weakness. IF you changed the size to a tiny size. Then the weight will lessen and more accuracy will be given. But weak power. Even though when you shoot it it will go directly into the middle , how small it is. Inflitcing higher damage. But if you used a normal size arrow. The Armour or surface will protect it before its able to soot through. Because all the power is spread around the Arrow. If you made it Smaller the Arrow would be strong in just one point. Do you get it now?" explained Gathe "Yeah...I think I do" said Chu "First , in your own mind. Imagine it as a small arrow. Then hold back your Soul Energy to make it Small." said Gathe Chu soons to concetrate really hard. Within 5 minutes she was able to make the arrow stable enough to shoot. "okay...Now pull it like a triger and hit one of the targets. But i warn you the Targets are pretty strong itself. You must know how to charge up all that Soul Energy into the little Arrow and keep it stable" Said Gathe "Okay okay! Enough with the explainations" complained Chu Chu focused real hard into hitting that target. She pulled the Triger. -ZING- The target was smashed down easily. "Yay!! Huzzah! I did it!" yipped Chu "Now try to hit 2 targets in 10 seconds." Said Gathe "Wh-Wha?! How can i do that when i can barely do one in one minute!" said Chu "Just Try" said Gathe Chu soon then focused really quickly and tried to make it stable. In 7 seconds she was able to triger and focus an arrow and knock one down. -FOOPMH!- The Arrow exploded and hit Chu. She wasn't able to make it stable in such quick time. "Ahh.. Chu don't worry about the time. Just try your best and focus." said Gathe "Urrg" said Chu "IF you want to be stronger than Pengu then TRY!" said Gathe "Stronger..Than Pengu?..." said Chu (Heh..! While Pengu's knocked out I have a chance to get a big step ahead of him! I can imagine it now!) thought Chu "Osh! OKAY!" Chu charged and stablized an Arrow in four seconds , and with the one second left , she shot down the arrow. That totals into five seconds. Soon then she does the same thing in the same amount of time. five seconds. Two targets and five seconds each total in ten seconds. She did it "Yay! I did it , Oh yeah i'm better than Pengu woooooh" Said Chu "We're done." Said Gathe " I told you it was easy." Chu picked up Pengu against her back , and took off the 100 pound belt. Soon then a Portal opened and Gathe and Chu went out. They were tired. "EHEHEHE! We got you where we want you!" said Gornak Soon then the Whole Group D was circling Chu and Gathe. -BOOM!- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: Did you Notice? It ended AND started with BOOM! ;3 -- |End of Chapter 6| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ----------------------------Chapter 7----------------------------------------------Mystic Pengu-----------------------------------------------Chapter 7-----------------------------------------------------