Pretty fun. But liked the others better. MarioVsDonkeyKong GBA
Comes with Wii. Dont really play it. WiiSports Wii
Heard good things about this one. Want it. PokemonSoulSilverVersion DS
Probably one of the only DS games you can play over and over again. I've had this one before and I want it again! NewSuperMarioBros DS
Love Green Day. Love Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Perfect for me. WANT! GreenDayRockBand PS3
Want this one alot. I had it before but now I dont. MarioKartWii Wii
I had this before and it was awesome. I want it again now lol. SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
Have this one on VC. But its better on the original system. The N64! PaperMario N64
Really want this game. It looks soo fun!! ConkersBadFurDay N64
Haven't got that far yet, but so far its good. Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
Really fun! Probably im my top 10. BanjoKazooie N64
My favorite out of all the other 10. (Including the DS and GBA one.) MarioParty2 N64
My favorite shooter of all time. Awesome game. GoldenEye
Pretty good game. Really fun alone and with friends. PokemonStadium N64
Very fun. Love that they have an adventure mode. DiddyKongRacing N64
This cwould be my favorite Zelda game out of all of them. Amazing game. TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime N64
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