I like...

--Video Games
--My Friends: What would I do without them?! ^_^
--Girls: Yet they don't seem to like me =P j/k
--Family Guy/Daria
--Flying Squirrels: Don't dis them!!!
--Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

Currently Posting in the Following Forums

-Tales of Symphonia(GCN)

Currently Playing...
-Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires
-Sims 2

Favorite Games of all Time
GCN- Tales of Symphonia
N64- South Park Rally
GBA- Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
GBC- Mario Tennis
SNES- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
PS2- Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires

Top Three Mario Games (as of right now)
1. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
2. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
3. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Favorite Video Game Characters
Mario Series: Toad
Kirby Series: Kirby
Ogre Battle Series: Cybil(Its not because she's beautiful... REALLY!)
DK Series: Diddy Kong
South Park Series: Ike (Hey, it was a game!)
Zelda Series: Zelda/Sheik
Mystic Heroes: Lani
Sonic Series: Amy Rose (Don't ask...o_O)
Final Fantasy Series: Rikku
Samurai Warriors: Kunoichi
Pikmin: The Evil Dark Purple Mushroom Pikmin! Mwa ha ha!
Megaman Series: Zero
Street Fighter Series: Cammy
Super Smash Bros Series: Ice Climbers
Bomberman Series: Bomberman
Golden Sun Series: Jenna
Dynasty Warriors Series: Xiao Qiao
AoE Rise of Rome: Choson Army
Family Guy(not a game, but): Peter Griffin
Tales of Symphonia: Sheena

Random Mario Tennis: MKA stuff

Favorite Scene

fans- Yoshi and Chef's "Salad Bar" arguement (Episode One)
friends- Yoshi and Chef's "Salad Bar" arguement (Episode One)
mine- Yoshi and Chef's "Salad Bar" arguement (Episode One)

Favorite Episode

fans- ???
friends- Episode Three
mine- Episode Five (has not been finished)

Favorite Character

fans- Toadette(?)
friends- Toad
mine- Toad

Episode Info:

1. "Mario's Tour"- Mario gives Toadette a tour of the MKA
2. "The First Day"- Toadette's first day as an offical MKA member... but it doesn't go as planned.
3. "Cookin' Up Trouble"- Due to the events that occured in the last episode, Toadette is forced to serve kitchen duty...
4. "When Meals Attack!"- A 'Newest News' special: A recipe used by a small mushroom girl turns out to be a huge monster!!! More info at 11:00.
5. "The Battle of the Abandoned Court"- A multi-parter still in process. The gooey piranha plant monster cooked up by Toadette wrecks havoc in the MKA. It is up to Mario, Toadette, and the rest to cease this monster's rage and defeat it before it destroys the MKA, and the whole Mushroom Kingdom!
6. Friend or Foe?- an aftermath of episode five. The newest members of the MKA make everyone a little uneasy. Should they be trusted so easily?
7. Toadette's Awakening- The MKA gang feels bad about Toadette and her extremly late recovery from a prior accident, so they decide to throw a surprise party... can they keep this a secret from Peach, Luigi, or even Toadette herself before everything is ready?
8. "True Feelings"- Mario and Peach realise their true feelings about each other...
9. "Heartbroken"- Luigi comes up with a plan to break Mario's heart as an act of revenge, but some others are broken in the process...
10. "All's Fair in Love and War... Right?"-All hell and chaos breaks lose in the MKA, and it is up to Toadette and a few others to bring peace back to the Academy, but can she succeed?


Umm... does anything else go here?
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Mar 13, 2004

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