Well, born and raised as a canadian, Ive lived a fairly anti-social life, I dont really much care for Large groups of ppl, like school, concerts, party's dances and the like. Im a pretty closed guy, very deep and mystical at times. My posts on Neo make me seem like an idiot I know, but I could care less. Im fairly lazy and have a carefree attitude towards most things. Ive been branded "Emo" stereotypically, but if I had to wear a label, it would be more of a "Gothic" thing but anyway. I ramble alot, its part of my mentality...The simplest way to picture my mind would be to think of "Chaos" complete and utter chaos, where time and space are nothing, where everything is one in the same, while being completely different, its really complicated, I get lost in my own mind at times in all honesty.It really reflects in my writing style, as it very rarely makes coherent sense, my idea's trail off and my oppinions and morals change like the weather...


hmmmm, Intrests huh, Suppose I should fill this out...

I enjoy music, writing poetry, reading books, some other forms of litterature, learning about General world history is fun, ummm, I enjoy watching Anime and reading Manga, This intrests thing is basicly me rambling, if you dont understand it, trust me, your not the only one :p


I've got a crab...
I've got a crab...
I've got a crab, *bleep* you *bleep* you!
-Frogman, he is amused.

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