Facebook lied to me about one new notification. Cruel.
I think the hardest part of living in the UK is finding your country of residence on any dropdown list ever.
I hope there's room on the bandwagon for me because I am now the owner of an iPhone 5C.
So Breaking Bad just ended. Not quite sure where I go from here.
Lending moral support at three in the morning to my cousin who has a huge spider in his room. What a guy I am.
The green screen on Shutter Island is so bad and unconvincing, it's gotta be said.
went to gym for first time ever. ded.
Today I won first prize in the raffle at work and won a 5 foot tall toy monkey. Traded it with a fellow prize-winner for a case of beer. >:)
Well I just watched Akira and I don't even
"Conga conga conga, we love Monty Burns more, conga like you mean it, please don't make me shock you."
Dammit iTunes, screw you and screw your iCloud!
Nice sunny afternoon spent listening to What's The Story Morning Glory. 8)
And history is made!
So I'm checking my iTunes library and it turns out some of the songs I own were bought from some guy named Jen Ping Chen. ok.
Better call Saul!
I can't get over how good Breaking Bad is.
I'm getting a bonus of £175 at the end of the month. I like to pretend that it's because I'm good at my job. :D
>Someone throws eggs >POLICE CALLED
I can't believe the Turkey violence. Mind you, this is the first bit of excitement Bernard Matthews have seen in ages.
Looking at my old trade shop(s) and thinking about (not very) old times. :)


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