fun little game, way better than the TNMT scroller on XBL.. now when THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO BRING OUT AVP: THE ARCADE GAME !!!!! TheSimpsonsArcadeGame X360
much misunderstoond game of the franchize. It's not bad, but the level design boss design, and quality of music is what detracts players... CastlevaniaHarmonyOfDissonance GBA
good game, but pretty much shut off from casual gamers as a "Fan only" title. fun while it lasted, but probably wont replay for a long time CastlevaniaChronicles PSX
such investment of time for such a disapointing game with a story more tangled and impenetrable than a contortionist from a cirque du solei FinalFantasy8 PC
even if you guys have to push me one via emails, I will finish this game.. it is good, after 8 been off the series for obvious reasons... FinalFantasy9 PS3
urggh most boring castlevania in exsistance, must...complete.. for... castlevania completionist purposes... CastlevaniaCurseOfDarkness Xbox
urggh, couldnt get into this game.. once I finish 9 this WILL be next I swear.. FinalFantasyXII PS2
Love this game to bits, shame Ayami kojima hasnt done the art for the art work since AoS. strag guide for this tottally on my wish list.. CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight X360
Play this game if u can find it, it needs more love @_@ very good game... BladeRunner PC
tempted to 100% complete someday, (including penance) if the story line was not so abysmal.. AURON 4 main character >.> FinalFantasyXX2HDRemaster PS3
urggh most boring castlevania in exsistance... CastlevaniaCurseOfDarkness Xbox
Just got System Shock 2 this morn in its orginal box with manual and all cant wait to pop this sucker in and scare myself shitless.
near finished first dissertation 1500 words to go ho,hum.. now what to waste the rest of my night on..

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