A great game, infact, I got the limited edition version.. I really love this game! XD Deathsmiles X360
The first game I got with my 3DS along with DOA: Dimensions PilotwingsResort 3DS
This game was definately a challenge to complete! 3DClassicsKidIcarus 3DS
My newest Wii game along with Super Swing Golf, I am enjoying it. KirbysEpicYarn Wii
Don't ask, I got this.. long ago... Cars PC
This game is extremely boring and annoying on the DS, and should be played on PC. ZooTycoonDS DS
Jacking cars and blowing them up, haha, I enjoy doing that more. GrandTheftAutoViceCity PC
This game along with its previous games are always great time passers. SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
You say you're on vacation Mario, Well, guess what? You're going to get framed and put to work, you might wanna reconsider. SuperMarioSunshine GC
I never really got around to playing this, really, what with all the better games I have/had. LuigisMansion GC
Ready, Set, Time to play some Mario Kart Wii! MarioKartWii Wii
Hurry, you're gonna be late if we don't get going! I just started this game though.. Oh wait, I'm done. YoshisStory N64
No 30-Day Time Limit Two Player Mode New introduced Pikmin = Pikmin 2, fantastic! Pikmin2 GC
My favourite of the Paper Mario series. PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor GC
I kinda miss what they had in the previous Paper Mario games, but this one is alright too. SuperPaperMario Wii
I was late at starting this game, and I'm near finished. SuperMarioGalaxy Wii
You just gotta love the default moves they give the rental Pokemon in this game... Slowking, water gun! PokemonStadium2 N64
This is, hands down, my favourite of the Mario Parties... Well, since the first two. MarioParty5 GC
Those scrolling levels and sky levels are still pretty annoying. YoshisIslandSuperMarioAdvance3 3DS
Even with the new games out, I am still finding myself playing this. PokemonEmerald GBA

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