Wrath of Sparta soon, lads.
reached level 17 on neoforums - "seek-o-holic" with 850 posts
Watching Merantau (again).
Merantau is too good of a film. Everyone needs to watch it.
Any of you Neo members into Airsoft?
changed his custom title to "Son of Ares"
likes Inhale's status update: "Neoseeker, I *bleep*ing love you and everyone that wants to be Neofriends with me! :)"
changed his custom title to "Sneaky Beaky"
Got the name change down. Feels good to give something back to Neoseeker (in the form of 10 bucks). Plus I'm rid of that '1' in my name.
N1ghtmare is now known as Nightmarish
APB Reloaded, learn to balance teams please.
added Inhale as a friend
changed his custom title to "It's just banter."
A bottle'a rum to fill me tum.
Any CS:GO players want an AWP Asiimov in exchange for a Karambit?