Hiya, i just felt like signing Guestbooks today! Now stamp mine or i will stalk you for the rest of time! LOL!

Hey Thanks For The sign so i grant you one sexy stamp

thanks again
Thanks for the stamp.

And.....take care !

And now to fill up the annoying 125 character limit.
Thanks for sigining my guestbook. Sorry for the delay i had loads of revision to do. Anyway, i grant you one sexy stamp

Hey hey! I hope you enjoy this one!

I like your two guys kissing stamp....i think...anyway thanks for signing my guestbook, happy new year!!!

Just stampin' you since stamp mine...

You like it, huh!?...haha See you around then!

Peace out!
I really Like Your Artisim! I Ccould never Do That So Im Impressesd! I Am An Anime Fan Too, So Maybe You Could PM Me Sometime And We Could Talk About It!

Good Luck At Anything You Do!
Meow! we met in the CL thread and I thought I'd sign your GB.
n_n i read your page and notice ur pretty cool. Meow I wonder if we can be friends...I don't really have any yet on this site...


The darkness is strong in us all meow!
cool girly pic up there damn they are mad hot anyways and i can relate to wat ur sayin about all the bans. i also got banned from a certain thread for a short time but i can still relate i got banned for no reason but anyways just signing ur guestbook because i heard u got an avatar for me. also i rarely see u in the tenkaichi 3 forum a lot of good stuff been goin on there everyday so i guess ill see u there
You have completed the Challenge and deserve your Stamp.

Please remove the avatar now as the Challenge has come to a close.
Thanks for participating.

Keep an eye on my profile in the near future as I have more of these games planned.
Just signin your GB like I said I would sign mine in return and sorry for the trouble earlier, see you on the forum!

signing spree!
sign back please!

have a kickass day!

Just dropped by to see how things were going. Happy Late Thanksgiving lol. Hope you're a Naruto fan ^^

What's up? I really don't sign guestbooks much so I'm really not good at this. ^^;
I guess I could type something random, but I don't know what.
I have no clue what to say... I don't do this very often...

Bow Down
Bow Down
Before the Power of Santa

Or be Crushed
Be Crushed
By... His Jolly Boots of Doom!!!

Song "Bow Down", invader Zim episode forty something...
Be grateful and lucky that I'm signing your guestbook >_> I'm the first to sign, but it seems like I'm always first. Anyway, see ya. I truly don't care if you sign back, either >_>

~Knightmare Chaotix
Master of the Chaotic Edge Style