DQ Maniac Night Fencer
Oct 03, 04 5:27pm
Iscariot Night Fencer
Aug 29, 04 12:26am

Ben Davis is my h33r0. I less-than-three you. <3
Cascade7 Night Fencer
Aug 01, 04 7:29pm
You're a membrator!!! But whatever, I'm signing anyway...so see ya around.
Sign back if you want.

InuYashaFan123 Night Fencer
Jul 24, 04 6:17pm
I thought I'd just drop by and say I'm sorry for all the commotion I caused with the picture guessing game in the General FF Forums. Anyway I thought I'd say that you're not as bad as I thought you were, and here's a pic from my favorite game to you.

Transcendent Night Fencer
Feb 17, 04 1:24am
Ŧ - Here's 1.4 million gil, it should replace the All I took.

I thought it was strange when Raz's little brother IM'd me, but it turns out you're just as cool as that loser. You're a great guy, start sharing the love outside of the FFT forum... hehe... ¬¬'
RpgGuru Night Fencer
Feb 01, 04 3:09am
That's odd, I thought I would have signed your guestbook by now, anyways just dropping by to say hi. You're a pretty ok guy, I see you around the FFT and Gen. FF forums a bit.

Anyways, have a good one.

Iscariot Night Fencer
Oct 10, 03 6:35pm
Hey there, Brother. I see you've made quite a name for yourself in the FFT forum. Welcome to what we call the 'Circle of Tacticians'; you've certainly proven your knowledge and understanding of the game.


lady_lede Night Fencer
Jul 24, 03 4:53am
Welcome to the Forum Fencer!

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