im 20, im 6'1 with blue eyes and brown hair,and im in love with a very special girl, she means alot to me,lol she's the one who got me into neoseeker :), i come from the " land down under ", but this time next year i should be with her in canada, cant wait for that, my real passion is her, and then comes music,i hope to be in a band when im in her country, make some dough for us :), im always with my sweetie and i wouldnt have life without her, her name is Mya, i love you baby, i always pic thing will be here soon


too many games to mention them all, comp games - bout 50+ of them, playstation and N64, even old Sega lol. Fav. game is bond-goldeneye 007 on N64, i like most any car racing game on any system, and just anything that i enjoy really lol thats it i guess


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