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Jun 22, 13 11:25am

i'm looking at all my other blog posts and laughing while cringing because wow i was just

let's not go there okay

okay so every so often i'll come here and post a little blog post about what's been happening. let's start~

well, school ended a couple weeks ago. OFFICIALLY A FRESHMAN WHAT WHAT and i'm moving up to the high school choir at school and my other choir where i am resident music theory genius.


i really don't know what to say anymore i've lost my train of thought

email me:
twitter: lostboytommo
pm me for facebook
tumblr is on mainpage

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Sep 17, 11 4:54pm

I'm on Pottermore - StarNimbus15. GRYFFINDOR, YO.

My wand is the exact same as Voldy's, but an inch longer O.e


It's something called Gryffinclaw.



I haven't been acting right for a while[no, siriusly.], so, yesh. X3


wait, you can't.

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Sep 04, 11 11:55pm

Well hi (:

As all of you know, I'm finally 12.


I'm updating from Hogwarts, too! :D

Will Dunn and Arthur Bowen say hi. :3 [[I am never taking down Will's picture. Nevah.]]

So today is September 5th, 2011. I'm sitting here in the Gryffindor common room, updating this blog while I should be sleeping, or doing my History of Magic essay.

I'm 5'4 1/2" now. My voice decided to mess up, so instead of sound 12 and looking 14, I now look and sound 14. Sadness, there. I have red hairspray in my hair, I am wondering if I should do that, like semi-permanently. I could finally say I'm a ginger. :O

I'm also a chaser on the Quidditch Team. :D


Uhm, yeah, I'm twelve.

5'4' 1/2"

Messed up voice.

Mezzo soprano.

Seventh grade.


It's six minutes to midnight here, so I'm off.<3

Bye everyone!

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Jul 21, 11 8:36pm

I'd might as well post truths about this obsession. here we go.


1. I've been reading it since November of 2010.
2. I (I regret doing this.) have underlined Draco Malfoy's name in all the books I have, except for 2 and 3. :insertashamedfacehere:
3. I have 86 pictures of a certain epilogue'll never believe who! And I'm not telling. :P
4. I'm in Gryffindor.
5. I'm currently reading the series for the third time, not reading another series in between.
6. A Very potter Sequel made me fall in love with Redvines.
7. Rose/Scorpius is my favourite pairing aside from James II/OC...obviously.
8. My 12th birthday party is Harry Potter themed.
9. I play Chaser/Seeker/Beater in Quidditch.
10. Harry Potter had made me type things differently, like colours, and favourite.
11. I cried my eyes out during DH2.
12. I now speak in a British accent from watched Harry Potter.
13. I couldn't watch the movies for a week because I watched them all weekend once instead of doing my homework.
14. My phone is set in English time.
15. Gingers are awesome.
16. My friends[the trio picture] and I think of ourselves as the Golden Trio.
17. Me and three other friends think of ourselves as the Marauders.
18. ...I am really obsessed with this series...
19. My friend and I went in full out robes for the DH2 premier at midnight. I even got a metallic marker and coloured the blue stripes silver on a green, silver, and blue tie. [It was for house unity.]
20. I have the looks of a Slytherin, mind of a Ravenclaw, and heart of a Gryffindor.
21. Before falling for James Sirius Potter, I had the biggest crush on Draco Malfoy; I even underlined his name in all the books. :/

...that be all...for now (:

EDIT:: 27.7.2011 - added #21

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Jan 19, 11 3:11am

    Hi peoplez. I have returned, spying around after some rumors were going. I was Miss Music Natural while checking to see if anyone knew anything. No need for her, so this is my return! There are some people helping me get back here.


    These two were the first ones I told. They are my epic Facebook friends.

    Harpie Lady
    Ah, Shi and Draco. Mah besties!!<33

    The two I missed to much...

    And now... the FINAL two... the best people I know...

    RC Cola King 28
    Ah, these two. XD They've been with me ever since the beginning.

    The people listed here, you are the BEST, I mean BEST people evah. XD


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Jan 11, 11 6:11pm

Dear Nintendo,
I am writing this to you to inform you that the fun of some wireless functioning games has been taken away due to hacking systems. People decide that it is fun to take a game and edit it. Some people will repeatedly do something over and over again to win, or torture people to keep them from winning. As I have played on Wi-Fi on Mario Kart Wii, people have used things on Item Blocks to keep people from starting. One person I raced, used Spiky Shells before the starts of a race, used the Rainbow Star, Mega Mushroom, and Bullet Bill, to keep people from going ahead. Hackers place multiple items in one area, such as Red Item boxes or Banana Peels. One hacker even teleported behind me, and whenever I moved, would throw a Red Shell at me. That same hacker, at the very end of a race, shot Spiky Shells and Bob-Oms at me to stop me from finishing the race. I do not like that people would do such a thing. I think hackers should be banned from entering Wi-Fi zones. Most people who play competitive Pokemon with battling will hack to level up their Pokemon to level 100, make them shiny, get the top legendary Pokemon, something to ruin the gameplay for the person they are playing against. I know these product are not endorsed or approved by Nintendo. But something needs to happen in order for people to enjoy their gameplay. They can hack on their own time, but they cannot hack on other peoples times. It just takes the fun out of battle on Pokemon and races on Mario Kart.

Stephenie Santilli

Comments, dislikes, likes, arguments, can be sent to me via message or comment

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Jan 10, 11 8:51pm

    Well, this has to be goodbye for now. Sitting here I've realized some thing about my friends. I know people say stuff about me behind my back and such, but I've figured out what it was. If you've got something to say about me, don't start spreading stuff. It will eventually get to me. Tell me in a PM, and we'll get it figured out. To some people:

    Yes. I obviously have lost my mind doing this. But it's for my sake with school, and yours as well. Don't have to deal with a [-insert bad word here-] like me for a while. While I figure out my life, you can enjoy yours without me. [i seriously started crying while writing this.]

    My clan will go to glameowlover. It needs to still be alive when I return. If anything happens, e-mail me.

    I know that sometimes I can be really annoying. I know some people hate my guts. I know some people loved me to death... I was like their best friend for life or something. But they were the people saying things behind my back. Well, before I explode of anger, I'm going to end this blog post here. Anything else, add me on the following sites:

    Facebook[Stephenie Santilli]
    See you all again sometime soon,



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Jan 09, 11 11:49pm

So, if you have been following me the past year [stalkerrr....] you probably have noticed I'm not some crazy and delusional 11 year old girl who.....nevermind. Anyway, like I was saying, I've gone under major changes from 2010 to 2011. So anyway, somewhere on this page, is the real Stephenie, with red hair. =P

-I stand at 5'4".
-I'm really freaky in real life.
-Most people hate me. [shocker, eh? >.>]
-I can be really annoying when I want to.
-I sing 1st soprano.
-I can't dance.
Anything else, just PM me. ^_^

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Oct 23, 10 2:36am

Over the past two years.... I've realized that maybe.... I'm really annoying to people. Before I began typing this, I began to think of leaving- permanently. Rid people of their troubles, of my 11 year old annoying-ness. Basically I am the youngest on here. And... one of the most annoying.. Two options:

2)Go on emo mode, and never talk to anyone except for my close friends, and give my clan to Shi.


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Sep 19, 10 4:24pm

I'm 11. I stand around 5'4"-5'5". My friends, who are all older than me, are shorter. Shouldn't they be taller, and me shorter? Compared to Ice_Kitten5 [my bff in rl] I seem like a giant, according to my mom. She is a few months older than me. I only know about 2 people who are either taller than me or the same height- they are boys in the Choir School Choir. And they are younger. Comment on your opinion please!

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Jun 10, 10 2:26am

MSN has been changed! I had to D= It is now:

Please add who you are in the invite so i don't think you are some crazy lunatic trying to kill me. ^^ Thanks!


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Nov 27, 09 10:02pm

So, in my rinky dink neighboorhood, people were putting up X-mas crap on like the 10th of November. I'm going by thinking, "WTF, Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet!" I mean, put a cardboard turkey up or something! Respect Thanksgiving please! [cause it's thanksging people wth}

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Aug 23, 09 3:32am

This Blog Is In Memory Of The great Dark Wolf, Who Has Left Neoseeker. He Was A Great Person And Friend, And All Of His Friends Are Sad To See Him Go. (Especailly Me And Lexie) We Had Great Times Chatting On MSN and over PM, and will always be remembered. IF YOU MISS HIM POST YOUR COMMENT!

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Jul 14, 09 12:00am

If you know me real well, you know I will rant when I get ticked off. If you wanna deal with my next one, stay here. You really don't wanna hear it, so your free.


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Jul 11, 09 6:43pm

Well, I need to have a banned list for my blog.



Okay? Thankies!!!

~Sky/Next/Steph!! =)

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May 16, 09 3:19am

So, I write this blog to thee stupidness of exams. I have to take some stupid test Monday, Tuesday, And Wensday. If I pass, I go to 5th. If I don't, Stayin' In 4th! Comment if you think this is stupid. I think so!
Okay. Monday. Matmatics Calculator Active. 10th Done. It Was Hard, but We Pulled Through.But Other Than That, It Was Easy!
Testing is done! EOG's, BYE! Day 3. Hopefully since with 58 items and I was done in a hour, I'll pass. Let's Hope so!

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May 08, 09 9:24pm

~Okay I read a book, called "Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls." And that got me thinking. Here we go.
~Never leave biscuts out when you have ants.

A few mornings ago, I wake up and head to my kitchen to get a biscut. I see ants crawling all over the biscuts! An army attacking MY BREAKFAST!

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May 02, 09 1:50am

My Neo-Boyfriend, RC cola king, asked me if I wanted to be his Neo Wife!
I said yes, and we are Neo engaged! I am so happy! Be nice to him. Or I will come and find you.
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Apr 13, 09 11:41pm

I have a kitten named Keegan.
He is:
Keegan is Siily
Also Curious
Very crazy
Loves anybody (mostly)


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Apr 10, 09 8:35pm

PR is a really cool girl. She is my epic and wonderful friend. We will PM each other, talk about things and more! So I will. PhantomRider loves dogs, and she has 2. She has tons of friends.

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Mar 21, 09 11:04pm

I am in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Honors Chorus! Today was the first rehurshal, and it was six hours worth of music. Am I tired! The show is tomorrow! Wish me luck!
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Mar 03, 09 3:18am

So today, it snowed. Of course I didnt have school. The last 2 snow days stunk. Only like a centimeter snow then, but not today! We got like 2 inches! Today was acually worth it. Since I am from Massachusetts, this was wonderful. I went outside with my friend, tried to make a snowman. There was one we saw, and they made a woman. Ours, well, this is how it went. Bottom part broke in half, middle & head werent big enough, ect. Thats bascically how it went. BORING!