My name is Paige. I'm 19 and currently studying at Miami University in video game development. I strive to work with either Bethesda or Square Enix.


Feel free to add me on Xbox or PlayStation:
PSN: Nerdasaurr
Gamertag: Nerdasaurr

Feel free to add me on 3DS:
Friend Code: 0318-8736-7533 {Paige}

Feel free to add me on Wii U:
NNID: Nerdasaur

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Gaming, Drawing, Music, Anime, Writing.

Favorite Xbox Game: Half-Life 2
Favorite PlayStation Game: Kingdom Hearts 2
Favorite Nintendo Game: Animal Crossing
Favorite PC Game: Minecraft


3DS FC: 0318-8736-7533 {Paige}
PSN: Nerdasaurr
XBL: Nerdasaurr
NNID: Nerdasaur

Let me know if you added me~

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  • 3DS Friendcode 031887367533
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