Absolutely hate this. Nowhere near as good as the original. TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld Wii
Brand new! I just got it August 2! I have the box, instructions, and user SonicAdvance3 GBA
IT's way faster than 1 and 3! SonicAdvance2 GBA
The sticker is kind of wearing of... but the title is clearly visible. I got this used, but it works great. Just gotta get 1 more Chaos... SonicAdvance GBA
Shadow, Chaos, and Emerl rule! SonicBattle GBA
The game works great, but the sticker is coming off. :( It PokemonYellowSpecialPikachuEdition GBC
I love the fact that there are 4 playble Kirby in this game! KirbyandTheAmazingMirror GBA

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