Hey Neo. My 1st Guestbook signing! Anyways your are a brilliant friend you even EV'ed 2 of my pokemon when you were busy with our shop (Since I can't EV..) Thanks so much Neo
Hi! so um... uh...

which do you choose? here's the link to make more!

Your a nice friend Neolord it's cool to have you on neoseeker You have a nice biography,and personality hope you remember me Happy neoseeking
Hey Neolord,your a cool freind and i hope i can help you with advice i have.It's a pleasure to have you at Neoseeker!Just give hydro hero or me a message and we'll help you!
your very helpful and nice, well it looks like i am your first friend congrats! I hope you have a good time on neoseeker and check out the war see you on the rockman battle network 6 cybeast gregar forum and if you need a hand just ask.