No one told me I could have 80x80 avatars now!!
Merry Christmas and an almost new year, friends
Don't try to do a research paper in a day... Act_ - XY OU Balancehtt

I never realized how utterly difficult the bosses in MMBN3 are until I started replaying it. D: How did I S-rank them as a kid!?
Happy first day of Spring! :)
A rabbit showed up in my backyard and it doesn't want to leave. Guess I have a new pet. ._.
How to sort notifs? I was gone for week. Help. :(
New Year's resolution is to follow up on my New Year's resolutions ._.
Lighten up if you haven't, today's the last day of the year to do so. A Happy New Year's to all!
Christmas specials; nostalgia overload ;o;
R.I.P. Finals. Missed by none, tears shed by naught, you died as you lived, threatening 50% of my grade. Good bye and good riddance.
College students' feeding bag: The local dollar store
Updating status to contribute to the spam feed and annoy Bass.
is a coniferous tree
changed his status thingy but no one probably cares, I know I don't
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