Jul 20, 16 3:39pm
*bleep* mosquitos
Jul 02, 16 10:23am
Going on a trip for about 3 weeks. Don't ban me while I'm gone.
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Jun 22, 16 4:26pm

_Previous Threads_ |

Jun 09, 16 3:27pm
Rocky Helmet is the AV of ORAS...
Neolord shared a forum thread
May 27, 16 7:54am Introduction Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Pokemon Moveset Comeptition part 2, the come

May 21, 16 11:04am
tfw your name is in the right spot on the ladder lol
Apr 05, 16 10:00am
Sometimes, I really just *bleep*ing hate Thunder Wave
Mar 20, 16 6:27pm
First day of spring! :0
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Mar 05, 16 2:47pm my teambuilder is a *bleep*ing mess Hey, everyone. Haven't posted a RMT in a while b

Feb 24, 16 11:55am
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Jan 02, 16 10:57am

Mod Approved _NEOSEEKER'S NEW YEAR TOURNAMENT_ Welcome to Neoseeker's New Year

Jan 01, 16 12:02am
Happy New Year!
Dec 25, 15 11:21am
Merry Christmas! =)
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Dec 09, 15 7:09pm

The Pokemon Company has recently announced the format for VGC 2016. See the announcement

Dec 07, 15 12:02pm
Why does AV Hoopa-U do so much work lmao
Oct 20, 15 1:03pm
Found my Alpha Sapphire under my dog's bed after 2 months are you serious? -_-
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Oct 01, 15 2:12pm OP slightly tweaked and stolen from Magnetboy (rip) who stole it from Icekickseverything

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Sep 25, 15 11:13pm Found this going over my old posts, post your best names. Create Your Own Afro Rampage Infinite

Sep 24, 15 1:27pm
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