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Jun 28, 12 6:00am

Some Random Stuff I Though I'd Post With An Unnecessarily Long Title

Horray, back to blogging! Anyways, thought I'd share a few things/ type them into the internet randomly. First things first, apparently my HDTV is broken. :( It was working amazingly awesome just a few days ago, then something happened to something, and now the TV wont turn on. No playing The Amazing Spider-man I guess. :/
In other news, I have started a youtube channel under the guise NeoSkyHolts so check that out maybe? I'm uploading some Minecraft content with my friend Shadowedhound currently, but soon I'm thinking of starting a Let's Play of the Technic Pack, so look foward to that if you head to the channel. (Shameless Self-Promotion!)

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