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May 26, 12 3:23pm

Hey Guys!

Hello? Is it really me! I'M ALIVE!? Anyways, hey guys! Just thought I'd apologize for my not so recent lack of activity on here. Really, the reason I haven't been online is that I haven't really found much motivation to go online, as well as me being hit by Minecraft fever. Real life has also distracted me, what with final exams, the Duke TiP Talent Search Program... my first girlfriend *sigh* Anyways, this is not the place for such Musings/Thoughts, even though that is a category. Man, how this site has changed over the time I've been gone, looks a lot more modern. I love it! Also, I've updated my bio some, so be sure to check that out if you have some spare time. Anyways, I'm gonna end off here before I go on too much of a tangent. So, thanks for taking the time to read this post, and till next time, see ya.

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DarshD May 29, 12
I missed you a lot, Neo, you are like a younger bro to me Nice to hear about your first girlfriend! Lucky you. And yes, Minecraft is very very good and very very addictive xD Good luck with your exams and the Duke TiP Talent Search Program. Now that you're here, you should participate in The GTA V forum, Minecraft forum and our fav, GTA SA Forum. Try to solve the Epsilon code and discuss about it Take care! And have a nice day! Best regards, Darsh
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NeoHoltsky May 29, 12
Hey Darsh. Yeah, been gone awhile, but I'm back now. Thanks, I've known her for about 7years, and to be honest, we've probably liked each other for the past 2 years, but I've only just gotten up the courage to tell her last month. Yes, Minecraft is very addictive, learned that the hard way. Thanks for the vote of luck. I am gonna get back into the forums soon, but its like 10PM here right now, so Neo sleepy time. *yawn* Gonna go to the nice, soft rectangle called a bed.
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DarshD May 31, 12
Hi, Neo Nice to have you back on YouTube and on this site! Yes,it takes courage to tell your true feelings but it's worth it, I wish the best for your future and relationship.Minecraft is great and YouTube is full of cool vids XD Hope to see you on forums soon Take care and take rest. Good night!

Neo Holts

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