NAMO NeoConservie
Feb 23, 08 6:41pm

I'm not sure anymore. It's been so long since we've talked. I've really missed you and everything. I've accepted how all of this time before was just a lie and you're actually Shailey from Texas. Well, I just wish we could still keep in contact, like with your e-mail or on windows messenger or something.. hope to hear from you soon!

p.s. i just felt like stamping with the amazing car again ^^
criscrazy NeoConservie
Aug 25, 07 6:38pm
On my national guestbook signing day, I have to sign YOURS...
Here's a stamp liz-
Various NeoConservie
Aug 17, 07 4:44am
You know, I would have rather have signed with a sexy girl, which wouldn't have ruined my image.

But you are the first person to get my...

sexy guy stamp, which I'm not proud of.

Enjoy.. You... Monster!

greenbean NeoConservie
Aug 17, 07 2:44am
Hello. I hope you enjoy this picture of Panic!

Will NeoConservie
Aug 10, 07 3:38am
I think you may know me for some reason... . I shall stamp you for being NeoConservie, and that damn foine.

Various NeoConservie
Aug 03, 07 6:33am
Yo, I'll just assume you're a lesbian for a little bit, and stamp you with this.

Casanova NeoConservie
Aug 01, 07 4:31pm
I am just hear today not knowing how to stamp with pics,


Sign Back

Oh, there is a guest book entry of 125 characters...

Umm what should I write.....


Sorry this is long and immature but what on earth could I do.
Taki NeoConservie
Jul 08, 07 5:48am
You're a nice and a pretty girl..

I'm just Signing for fun n_n

Have fun with this pretty stamp <3

Bye, bye ^-^
NAMO NeoConservie
Jul 06, 07 2:53am

mhm looks like you haven't been stamped in awhile. I wouldn't mind making you this. Sorry if it's a bit simple and plain. You are very sweet and cute. We had one nice MSN conversation and the PM's we had were amazing. I'll be sure to get you some more pics from Miami, once my camera works again. Oh i decided to try the purple out. mhm i prefer the red
-NAM [you're on my to-meet list]
Chris Player NeoConservie
Apr 25, 07 7:18am
I went to sign your Guestbook but accidently signed Cyborg Pancakes by mistake. Damn.

Bye <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

See how long the limit is
madtown NeoConservie
Mar 29, 07 11:39pm



criscrazy NeoConservie
Mar 25, 07 3:03am
here's a pic a of me in my quests-

see ya later.
QuesT ThA ILLa KiDD NeoConservie
Mar 24, 07 3:34am
You're good people. Stay that way.

-.|.[ Stamped by Quest ].|.-
Tool_Fan_06 NeoConservie
Mar 18, 07 6:53pm
Hi NeoConservie im just stamping your guest book so have some Dream Theater:

I hope you sign back and can i add your msn please? it would be nice talking to you.
Sungod Okami NeoConservie
Mar 17, 07 2:58am

Hey! I've seen you around, and I want to be Neofriends. Please stamp back and add me to your Neofriends list. Much appreciated!
kDevil 8 NeoConservie
Feb 25, 07 7:42am

Greetings from a Channer.
125 characters
Aya Chan NeoConservie
Feb 19, 07 8:30am
Normally I don't go around stamping everyone's guestbooks, but today can be an exception.

Personal message for Mudkip Girl: You're rad.

Rinkydink NeoConservie
Jan 08, 07 3:04pm

ECKY <33
Aya Chan NeoConservie
Dec 12, 06 10:45pm

Cyborg Pancake NeoConservie
Dec 10, 06 11:51pm
I'm signing ur guestbook =D

You automatically gain 345 internets and 845 Cyborg Pancake points simply for being Conservative.

You are my hero =D
Well We've talked a bit, and so I thought I'd sign your Guest book. Sorry, no stamp. But that doesn't matter does it? Please say no.
dabliharo NeoConservie
Dec 06, 06 9:28am

Stamping you in my new account, catch ya later mate.
EM876N83tw NeoConservie
Nov 27, 06 11:53pm


I don't think I've blessed your guestbook =o so here I am!

See you later mate ^^ |-Em8-|
Stuy NeoConservie
Nov 24, 06 5:22am
Just remembered I promised you a while ago that I'd sign your guestbook once I get a stamp... Well now I do! =]

Talk to you on... PM? X]
horsefreak NeoConservie
Nov 20, 06 7:16pm
Hi I just wanted to say hi.I really like having you as a friend.You are one of my favorite neofriends!Your friend horsefrek. p.s.Sorry I don't have a stamp for you.NeoConservie Rox!