Neo McKnight
Oct 22, 13 4:42pm
Got myself Pokemon Y :3
Neo McKnight
Aug 21, 11 4:01pm
My wifi i back and am back into the fray :3
Neo McKnight
Jul 31, 11 2:16pm
Well, my net wont work with pokemon anymore, so i wont be trading anytime soon
Neo McKnight
Apr 7, 11 4:41pm
Im back xD With Pokemon White..Let the rumble begin!
Neo McKnight blogged
Nov 18, 10 8:01am

After reading this title, you may think "Knights a DIEING breed?? I thought they were dead" The truth is, no we are still around. we are not the classic armor cladding warriors of the old days.
A Knight, is that shares a common value.
To start explaining this, I will start with this. I asked a close friend of mine a question "Brother..What is it in a person, that drives them to protect?"
And his response was simple..."Love"
A knight, has a simple goal. We live to protect. We live to protect the ones we love. When our loved ones are sad, it hurts worse than any cut of a blade.
We live to protect our love, until the last breath leaves our lungs.
No, on to the title. Knights ,are to put it simply:The last of the Romantics.
Less and less people seem to care about Romantics. It is dieing in the world.
All the world, seems to be based on looks, money ,and power, when it comes to relationships. Hence , why i will say. Knights ,are a dieing breed.

Neo McKnight blogged
Nov 15, 10 7:03am

Ok, Much like Phychoblondes problem ,I too am plagues with non existent PM's!!!!
I havve no new pms ,yet,it says i have 28...fix it damn it >.<

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Neo McKnight
Nov 14, 10 7:22pm
Yay, slowly building my Shiny Collection!
Neo McKnight blogged
Nov 14, 10 1:03am

Well ,I've been looking around the net for something to do ,and ,i finally said *bleep* it ,and decided to try Dead Frontier again .I must say, Im impressed. It is still in Beta, but ,they have a new 3-d version .It is pretty hard ,and satisfies ur zombie killing urges. Needless to say ,i hope it keeps improving.

Neo McKnight
Nov 6, 10 9:02am
RAWR Wants to battle some wimpy trainers with my Pokemon HG XD
Neo McKnight blogged
Nov 5, 10 11:38pm

Ok ,after unpackign all my stuff ,i finally found my DS. So ,anyone out there wanna battle on Pokemon! My friend code is 4598 3291 3080! Send me a PM if u wanna battle and we can do this stuff. I am a good trainer ,so ,give me a challange >:)

Neo McKnight blogged
Oct 23, 10 5:34pm

Ok, i checked my email this morning. And ,apparently ,i got an email from some chick claiming to know me from right here on Neo .She was calling me Dearest one....which creeped me out more...soooooo yeah. Creepy Emails FTL.

Neo McKnight blogged
Oct 22, 10 7:49pm

Not that anyone cares ,lol. But, im back for a while to rant as i used to.

My first rant is about RMK. For those of you who dont know, it is the website for RPG Maker. I swear. The people on that site are a bunch of Nazi's .They critisize u about EVERYTHING. They are a bunch of stuck up snobs who think they are king shit ,lol. It's rather annoying ,cus it's the only place i know to go for questions about RPG maker. So ,im kinda stuck .But needless to say ,not the best place to try and make friends at XD

other gaming related
Neo McKnight blogged
Nov 4, 09 5:41pm

I got bored and looke dup possible movies, and found the trailer for the Metroid movie. It looks great. It is supposed to come out in 2010 an is made by New lie cinema. Hopefully not a hoax like the Zelda movie!

movies gaming related
Neo McKnight blogged
Oct 10, 09 12:41am

Ok you know the title you get here on neoseeker? For some reason my says "Dangerous" wtf is with that, how did i get labled that?
Can someone tell me how i got that title and how to get others?

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Neo McKnight blogged
Aug 18, 09 2:32am

Well, im back...again
I missed everyone on here, but sadly enough, no one seems to care at all.

As much time as i used to spend on here, all the frinds i seems to amount to nothing. All my closest fridns havent left any messages the time i was gone. No one cares.
My sis Angel doesnt seem to care that i missed her, my other sisters seem MIA.

Aura neversent me any messages is sad.

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Neo McKnight blogged
May 11, 09 4:44pm

Ok, i need advice:

Is it a good thing if your GF cries from missing you...after only 1 day?
I mean, its good to know she loves me that much but, i dunno. Plz lemme know ur thoughts!

Neo McKnight blogged
May 8, 09 4:57pm

Well i recentlly started watching the best anime i have seen since RahXephon! It's called Desert Punk! It has just the right mix of PErvyness, Action and comedy to satify my cravigns! I give this Anime about a 9/10!

Neo McKnight blogged
May 6, 09 7:38pm

Ok ,to me my GF is already perfect .She is Cute. She is Funny. She is Smart. We love the same things. Then i read our Zodiac compatiblility and one part says "Leo likes to make love as much as Sagittarious". Today she tells me that ,pretty much ,she is a Nympho(though she has never done it). And after thinking i realized, i am too! So me and her, according to the Zodiac we are "to have a good relationship, and a happy mariage is gaurenteed"! ci am so hppy i could cry right now!
Neo McKnight blogged
May 5, 09 2:30am

My little sis Harvestmoonangel has gone missing. I havent heard from her in so long. If anyone talks to her, plz tell her to contact her big bro Neo. i miss her so.

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