Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 268 pounds
From: Austin, Texas
Finishing move: Fame-Ass-Er
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion; 1999 King of the Ring; Hardcore Champion (2); WWE Tag Team Champion (10)

I am the most decorated tag team competitor of all time, having won the World Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Championship on ten occasions, with three different partners.

But now it seems I am interested in other kinds of decoration -- such as the headband I proudly adorn to signify that I'm one half of the Billy & Chuck tag team combination.

I won the Tag Team Championship three times as part of the Smokin' Gunns, and then five times as part of the New Age Outlaws. The Outlaws will go down in history as arguably the greatest duo in tag-team history, and certainly one of the most popular and successful.

But although My days as an Outlaw are behind Me, I seem happier than ever these days. For some reason, there's a spring in my step -- and a glimmer in my eye -- when I stroll out to the ring with My latest partner, Chuck. Like Me, Chuck is another phenomenal athlete who is undeniably handsome.

Likewise, My credentials speak for themselves. I'm arguably the best pound-for-pound athlete in WWE.


Chuck, my beloved Tag Team partner, Rico, my stylist, and the WWE Tag Titles that we deserve...


Billy & Chuck: Voted Sexiest Neoseekers of the Year
By a 2:1 Margin
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