20 May 1988 is the day..........that i can't remember but it seems I was born then....O_o'
I am a dutch guy living in Sweden. I guess that's about everything. ;0


Welcome to my profile.

*Wow I just celebrated my 4th year on Neoseeker! Most of my posts (like 900 of them) we're in my first year though. I been gone for most of the time of my Neoseeker life. Now I am pretty much back and I enjoy it for full again!

My interests are:
All this kind of stuff. I know it's pretty basic! :P

So best bands in the world for me are:
Sum 41
Bowling for Soup
Blink 182
Bad Religion
Peter pan Speedrock
Billy Talent
Bullet for my Valentine
Lucky boys Confusion
Red Hot Chilipeppers
Robbie Williams
the Offspring

*Argh too much to name, if you're into this kind of music you kinda know what music I like and what not... =)

Okay me and sport.
Really I like sport as a game. I do and did a lot of sports and I always will do. What I hate about sport is people whom are way too fanatic. Such as hooligans and sportgeek/maniacs. You know people use drugs and stuff, get millionair because they do nothing else than just one sport. Okay enough of this crap.
Favorit sports are:
Basketbal, baseball, badminton, athletics, soccer, volleybal.
*just mostly teamgames.
I like most sports to watch though.
Absolutely most boring sport must be golf. :P

Awesomeness games I played:

Timesplitters 3
Fifa games
MOH games
Advance wars about all games in the serie)
Fire Emblem

Ehm, not feeling like to name more.

Best anime I watch at the moment:
Full Metal Alchemist

My best Neofriends are:
-Larn/Milennin: well he's my reallife bro -.-'
-RAGE the dragoon: best friend in reallife always been.
-Summoner Supreme: Best neofriend without a doubt :D
-Sosai X: Had a lot of fun with her xD
-Skaterstar57: Was my best Neosis. havn't seen her in a long time, but I will always remember her as best Neosis ;)
Ranger1: He never forgot me with his quotes in all those months i was gone, remarkable!!

If u want to join my rampage PM me or sign my guestbook. :D


Guestbook! PM me!
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