Seraphic Radiance Nemesii
Feb 13, 05 2:18pm

Have a great Valentine's day!

Necros Nemesii
Oct 23, 04 7:52pm
You sign me, I sign you. That's how it goes. Allow me to copy you.
Blah blah blah
blah blah blah
blah blah blah
blah blah blah
Not as profound as yours to be sure, but who gives a damn.
Nemisis13 Nemesii
Mar 22, 04 6:35am
Hey man! Its really really really, good to see you back on neoseeker again. Seemed really dead without ya.

Now all we need it good ol' Jag to come back...

Cya around
Ickus Nemesii
Oct 04, 03 7:24pm
Hi! This is Ickus.
Seen you around the NeoForums quite a bit!
Hope to keep on seeing ya, the forums woud'nt be the same without Joo!

neo7 Nemesii
Oct 01, 03 11:34pm
hi ive signed your guestbook hope you can sign mine i hate the 125 characters rule it sucks man see you soon goodbye from the one and only neo7
Jooka Nemesii
Jun 27, 03 4:52pm
Hey. I've seen you around Neoseeker quite a bit.
Nice to see that you are a Shenmue Fan and that you will stick with us until Shenmue III is released.. Proud to sign this book..

Please return The Favor..

¦ Jooka ¦ Sign My Guestbook And Recieve A Cookie! (=)
gamesprite No1 Nemesii
Jun 21, 03 11:16pm
1. Think of some crap to say and a stupid reason why. Try and include some humor as to avoid death threats.

2. If you're going to reply to a preivious signing make sure you mention your thank you or else the world will be totalled!!!

Regrem Erutaerc Nemesii
May 28, 03 1:23am
I just learned about guestbooks. I figured I sign yours as well. It sure has been awhile since we've last been able to talk. How have you been? I'm doing fine. What have you been up to Nemesii?
Seraphic Radiance Nemesii
May 04, 03 2:07pm
Aww, I haven't seen Nem-Nem around for a while! Well, I guess you have your reasons... *cough*youbigmeanieyoushouldn'tbesomean*cough* Heh, I bet you can't read that!

Anyhoo, have a nice day, Nem-nem!
Jeg Nemesii
Apr 27, 03 2:03am
Hey Nemesii. What's up? I dont know you, but I'll sign your guestbook anyways. There you go! Later.

James Garcia |Flip|
Leonheart Nemesii
Feb 25, 03 1:42pm

Just wanted to tell you what a good job you've done moderating the FFX forum. Keep it up the good work.
Don't tell Jag, but I like you better.
Mr Chanman Nemesii
Feb 23, 03 2:52pm
Well, i'n not sure if you'll even be back to read this but i hope so as it's the first guestbook signing i've made.

Thanx alot for everything man. Quite honestly you're the coolest person on Neo there is. thanx for all the help and good luck for the future.

Also, lol, Lyttelton!! Thats crazy and real close to where I live. In fact I take the Lyttelton bus from school to work everyday.

thanx again, peace out
Lupin3rd Nemesii
Feb 18, 03 3:16am
Yo, i'm from Watford (interesting fact) and i'm gonna sign this guys guestbook cos he left me a nice message and seems like a nice guy. Thanks for the help.
RPG_Juggernaut Nemesii
Feb 15, 03 7:52am
Hey thanks for signing my new guestbook Nemesii. Why I changed my SN, I dunno I guess I was just sick of *Platypus*, plus I'm never really happy with the SN's I pick. Anyway I think I'll be sticking around the FFX forum for a while. So well see you later, bye.
Raizer Sabre Nemesii
Feb 05, 03 1:25am
Thanks for your help here, and for signing my guestbook! Sorry for not signing immediatley, but....I didn't know about it for a while! See ya around
Platypus Nemesii
Feb 02, 03 5:28am
Hey, thanks for your help in the FFX thread, and for signing my guestbook. Just thought I would drop by and say HI! ....well Thanks for all your help, and probably for more help in the future.

youlikeitiloveit Nemesii
Jan 24, 03 7:40am
Just wanted to say "Thanks" for all of your help in the FFX Thread (Help Thread). If it were not for this thread I don not think that I would have made it this far into the game. Just a line to say...Thanks and Keep those tips coming!

youlikeitiloveit, USA
DarkSephiroth Nemesii
Jan 22, 03 4:45am
Hey, Nemesii. I've seen you around the FFIX forums lately (I know your modding the FFX forum), but why don't you and somebody else become the mod of the FFIX forum? It could really need one, don't ya think?
Anyway, l8r then.

Laguna Nemesii
Jan 21, 03 5:02pm
Just drop by to say hi.Thanx for signing my guessbook.Never mind the FF tournament.I'll wait my turn. Well, by the way, GOOD LUCK to you in the tournament!!!
oblivion46000 Nemesii
Jan 20, 03 12:24am
Hiya Nemissy, what's up? I should be studying for exams... but I don't feel like it and I'm stuck here so I decided I'd drop by and sign. So, I'm gonna go now, so just cut down on the drinks, and it'll save you from sending dumb PM's to me, haha jk. Well see ya Nemisii!
Shana Nemesii
Jan 06, 03 11:43am
Heya, Nem! You're a great person, and I'm glad we met. Hope we stay friends for a looooong time. Hmm... I forget how I met you.

DeathKnight Nemesii
Dec 15, 02 11:57am
hey i'd just like to say that you're doing an awesome job moderating FFX. i've seen you around and you have everything covered, there's not a single person i could think of that would be a better successor. keep up the good work and i'll see you around!
Seraphic Radiance Nemesii
Dec 12, 02 2:07pm
Hi Nem-Nem! I'm Serra. I see you on the FFX forum a lot, but that's probably coz you're a mod. You are my hero and I am scared of you. Goodbye!
ProjectROOR Nemesii
Nov 21, 02 5:08am
Nemesii, my new friend. Thanks for all of your valuable input in my TS2 quandaries, you've been a big help. I hope at some point I can help you too. I'll be looking for you online when XBOX Live makes it to the UK, so keep me posted. Until then- Happy Gaming!
ryu320 Nemesii
Nov 19, 02 5:38pm
Hey there. You're on a LOT of forums. I'll tell ya that. I can't think of anything else to write really. Anyway, gotta go now!