===Legend of Crimson===
Written by Dustin Cartwright

~ Legend of Crimson ~
Writting by Dustin Cartwright

This is the legend of the Crimson King (Necrus) and Crimson Queen (Kindra) and the birth of the "Red Snow Village"---------------------

Many years ago, there were two hunters who had came from an unknown land. One was known as Necrus, a young poetic man with a passion for
the ways of the longsword. The other was a beautiful woman named Kindra who's deep blue hair captivated the eye as well as her skill
with a greatsword. They had come to the land of Gabrielle for supplies when they heard news that a large black-wyvern was attacking nearby
villages, including their own. Taking vengence, and to save the other villagers from destrucion, Necrus and Kindra took up their arms
against the volcanic wyvern now known as Akantor, cutting it off near the base of the Volcano.

The two warriors of fate fought the Akantor with rage, but control, anger, but firm unbroken souls. Wielding majestic weapons of the
dragons, they layed down retribution with godly might, each strike summoning thunder that had echo through the sky, quake that shook
the earth, black bolts of lighting that caused even the fearsome Akantor to shed tears of fire and brimstone. Demonic roars of the
mythical beast bleed their ears, it's hell-fire eyes pierced their tired hearts, claws had shed their armor into scraps, their
weapon's edge and use spent - they held out as long as they could for the villagers to escape to new lands.

After a long and desperate struggle, the Akantor fled underground. Necrus and Kindra dragged their scarred and damaged bodies to the
pre-planned point of escape, the top of the mountian. The climb was harsh and cold, and un-naturally strong blizzards had occur, hindering
their progress as strong winds threated to blow them off the edge but the will of their spirits kept them strong.

Days later they had reached the top to find a new village being created from the remaining people of the Village of Gabrielle, they were
greeted with love and praise for their heroic acts and rested in happiness.
Necrus and Kindra had been crowned King and Queen of this new land known as the "Red Snow" named after
the blood they gave to bring them peace among the mountians.

Months later, however, a new threat began to come forth... the sky grew red and dark as the fabled White-Dragon known in lore as
Fatalis flew relentlessly toward the mountian's village. Recovered, weapons repaired, armor re-doned, The Crimson King and Queen prepared
for another battle to save their new followers, hopefully bringing a longer peroid of peace.

Facing the beast at the peak of a tower near the base of the summit, Necrus and Kindra had met their match
The Fatalis's hide and scale were stronger than anything they have seen, it's power beyond anything they have ever felt, despite seeing
no hope for victory they fought a seemed endless fight against a dragon they were not capiable of slaying

The desperate hunters, on their knees and dying prayed for forgiveness for failing to save their people...
Suddenly, a surge of hope rushed through their veins, anger and rage filled their hearts once more.
Necrus leaped into the air as if to had spread blacken angel wings and roared, "Dragon blood must spill!" and had sliced Fatalis's neck open
with it's crimson blood spewing into the air and raining down upon the ground, glittering in the sun rise.
Kindra rushed recklessly toward the white dragon with vicious speed and strength while howling, "for our hearts to fill!"
and had severed it's tail off it's body in one mighty strike that forced the Fatalis to cry out in uncontrolable agony and pain.

The Fatalis had taken it's own turn facing defeat, but it choose not to die. The Fatalis blew forth a powerful sphere of dragon-fire
hotter than any forged weapon can produce toward Necrus - Kindra dove with grace and accuracy in front of Necrus, holding her
great blade close to her body. With exact timing the dragon fire exploded against her sword as she flew up and behind Necrus
unconcious. Heartbroken, Necrus was unprepared for the Fatalis's final desperate strike. The beast clawed downward at Necrus with
amazing speed, blinding his left eye with a deep and unheal-able scar. The neck wound of Fatalis quickly closed as it spred it's snowy
wings to retreat to the land it came. Necrus fell to his shaking hands and buckeling knees under burning pain and sorrow...
His hair grew grey and old, his skin aged by magic, the Fatalis had bestowed a curse on The Crimson King. After the aging was complete,
he quickly checked on Kindra who had been untouched by the fire, but her sword had be ruined and melted. Kindra, seeing Necrus's new
form didn't not reconize him at first until she gazed into his eyes and knew what had happened.
Necrus and Kindra rested on the peak of the tower, healing each other wounds and thankful of each other's safety as they stare into the warm sun rise

Once they had returned to the village and told of the battle, Necrus was checked by the village's shaman who had stated that Necrus was
cursed with 50 years of age, the shaman also predicted that Necrus can no longer age normally, he would live as long as 300 years.
Kindra had also been cursed with this somehow, some say it was the vapors of the Fatalis blood but no one can say for sure, and her apperance had not
changed one bit; she retained her young female lust.
The shaman fortells that if the curse is to be broken they must slay the very same Fatalis that gave it to them.

Seeing as the Fatalis was driven away and all threat was gone, Necrus and Kindra married and settled down into a house made in their
honor. They had given birth to a son named Indra and a daughter named Ranaka who also have their hearts set on hunting monsters

This tale is told around the land to newcomers, strangers, guests and upcoming hunters in the training school. The Crimson King and
Crimson Queen shall graciously hold their glory and shed it amongst the people, bringing them forth peace, happiness, and a better life for
all of humanity.


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plans on becoming a producer or programmer when he advances in the industry of gaming.
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