qrull gx 13 Natural_Born_G
Oct 9, 04 3:39pm
Just thinking of signing your guestbook one more time. This time with something that I made myself.

So see ya around.
Remember me,
stevenbaylis2003 Natural_Born_G
Mar 24, 04 9:56pm
i thought in return for signin my guestbook ill sign yours hope you can get more people to sign mine!!! lol anyways thanx and heres you entry in return
kid logic Natural_Born_G
Nov 5, 03 7:10am
Hey. What games are you playing these days? You'll find me in the Madden Football or NBA Live rooms. Those are the only games I'm playing right now. Do you ever go into the forum rooms?
iamwasted Natural_Born_G
Jun 21, 03 1:27pm
You have fallen for iamwasted's fake porn link. Thank you. I don't know you but I hope you play GTA. TTTTTTIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMEEEEEE TTTTOOOOOO WWWWAAAAASSSSTTTTTTEEEEE SSSSSPPPPPPAAAAAACCCCCCEEEEEEE.

PS-PM me if you ever land on Ghost City in GTA3.
Hero__Of__Time Natural_Born_G
Jun 11, 03 7:24pm
thought i wud sign your guest book since i got nothing else to do i wrote this on wednesday wen i stayed at col by my sen. av done loads of work but am stuck on my user guide have you done it. av done a bit .
qrull gx 13 Natural_Born_G
Mar 20, 03 12:25pm
Hi there. Well thanks a lot for signing my guestbook, so I'm returning your favor. Actually I'm in Neo almost everyday, but didn't post anything 'cause the lack of replies in my fave forums. A very sad sight. Anyway, thanks again.

p/s : my english sucks, so you might find my words a little bit weird
Heros Destiny Natural_Born_G
Mar 18, 03 12:30am
hey there.

thanx for signing my guestbook. the Shenmue IIx U.K release date is set for Spring, so it should be out anytime now.

take care, hope to see you more around the forum.

rick2002 Natural_Born_G
Mar 11, 03 10:01am
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook, i dont get alot of entrys so im really greatfull you have signed mine, so i thought i would sign yours and in return

I suck at writing guestbooks, but i just wanted to say thanks.
Bryce T Natural_Born_G
Feb 18, 03 1:38pm
You should definately come to L.A. Where are you from? It's so nice down here. The coldest day of the year was 64 degrees. The average car down here is worth over $30,000. I see $100,000+ cars everyday. There's competition for basketball where ever you go so no rookies here.
Arlo55 Natural_Born_G
Feb 16, 03 7:58pm
heh,you told me to sign your guestbook thats what i am doing:) and on the sims thingy i never went to that forum just to let you know
lord of vice city Natural_Born_G
Feb 14, 03 3:57am
here you go as you asked i will sign your guestbook
thanx for signing mine and vice city is doin ok but it is starting to get boring innit
sure cant wait for GTA 4 and if you want i can get you a copy of my sig
PM me if u want one ok
peace brov
rns91294 Natural_Born_G
Feb 12, 03 6:01am
Just wanted to say hello and thank you for understanding my posts under SaraR in the Sims forum. It is hard to find people willing to admit they agree with you, but you have come forward and let me know/ That means a lot to me. Thank you.
Groncho Natural_Born_G
Jan 6, 03 2:17am
Good to see another Englishman on the forums! Cool quote in your sig by the way about Damon Wayans, I saw that episode on Trouble only yesterday! Lol!

Anyway, sign my guestbook too man! Also, go to my wrestling website, I got loadsa wrestling videos from various federations and some crazy sh*t Backyard stuff too! There is also a bit of T&A on there too for good measure! Check out the sig in any of my posts to get the link!

If you do go to my site, can you sign the guestbook there too? Cheers dude, see ya around the forums!
Mr Matthews Natural_Born_G
Nov 21, 02 7:48am
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. Anyways, I haven't really ever seen you around but you seem really cool. Anyway, I hope to see ya around the forums a little more often.

See ya around:)