zelda_duda100 Naruto34
Dec 8, 07 9:40pm

yah like? sign my GB when yah have a chance!!!!!
Lute Pwns All Naruto34
Nov 30, 07 1:57am
U like naruto, i like naruto, ur a boy, i'm a girl, he's hot sometimes like here

have fun
Norixca_XIII Naruto34
Nov 12, 07 4:16am
Thanks for signing, I'll sign back!

game_testerWB1 Naruto34
Nov 11, 07 1:40am
Heres the sign you was promised and you can see my pretend stamp!

Stamp me back now!
Signed by
Dajay Naruto34
Nov 11, 07 12:58am

Fellow Naruto fan.

And here's my stamp debut!
SasukeUchiha Naruto34
Sep 19, 07 3:41am
HI!!! Hi friend! Thanks for all the help on Akatsuki Clan(did you help? Lol). Btw, thanks for the avatar too.

You've been stamped by Ronald!