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I'm from the village hidden in the leaves.
Brother:Patd,NL2,bk man

SasukeUchiha:one of my best friends on neo

PrealMaster22:MY best friend on neo!

pikachu1070:don't talk to him much

amirball45:Cool guy glad to have him as a friend helps me out.

TwilightAlcmast:Nice Guy helps me out with graphics.:)

Lylodile:Cool person good person to talk to.

kenshinrocks:asked him to be my friend and he said yes

bk man:glad to have as a friend have a lot in common

DiamondMaster11:Asked him to be my friend he said yes

zelda_duda100:cool guy cool to talk to and just hang out

chad and promtion:isn't on-line much

E4 Morty:asked him to be my friend and he said yes

game_testerWB1:Cool girl just asked her to be my friend and she said yes

darknabz:cool guy helps me out like my best friend!:D

patd:cool guy

OMZ:Cool guy nice to have as friend

Norixva XIII:Cool girl to have as a friend

NL2:Cool guy just met him

lin keui swampert:cool guy can blow his top off easy

Dajay:cool guy likes naruto!:)


I play trombone I like it.
Watching:Naruto,Bleach,Ben10,FamilyGuy,Futerama,like to wacth diseny channel,Chowder!,and gorge lopez!
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