darksw0rd Narse67
Jan 28, 13 5:48pm
Good seller. Would buy from again.
fy99 Narse67
Jan 28, 13 10:50am
Smooth and quick transaction.
xxi Narse67
Jan 28, 13 3:11am
nice! good dealer.. smooth and good comminucation
rokea Narse67
Jan 26, 13 10:25am
Conpleted a large transaction and it went flawlessly. Great communication, you can trust this user, thanks!
SwitchBlade73 Narse67
Oct 8, 12 12:39am
Great and Legit buyer.
Pay promptly.
rageme Narse67
Sep 16, 12 4:51pm
noob but legit seller and have good communications:)