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Sep 21, 14 3:36pm
What a sad sight, your empire is so uncultured. What do your citizens do all day, beat rocks together?
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Jan 18, 14 4:08pm
The difference between a glass of milk and your civilization is, if I leave the milk alone for 1000 years it will develop a culture. ~Gandhi
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Jan 6, 14 11:04pm
Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!
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Aug 31, 12 10:49am
When sunrays crown thy pine-clad hills and summer spreads her hand...
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Jul 21, 12 3:30am
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
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Jun 15, 12 10:23pm
"Serve him tea. Sit in the master's chair. Pet the pooch!"
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May 8, 12 8:35pm
This day is going to be perfect, the kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small...
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Apr 25, 10 4:22pm
has dismissed you, since you're not logical.
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Apr 13, 10 3:46am
claims you're not logical, and has dismissed you.
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Mar 14, 10 7:44pm
Check and mate!
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Mar 13, 10 1:24am
Check and mate!
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Mar 6, 10 4:42am
You need to calm down...
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Mar 5, 10 8:50pm
Got game on December 25, 2007. Finished with 121 stars (M&L) on January 18, 2008. SuperMarioGalaxy

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