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Jan 28, 10 4:36am

This is something I meant to do sometime ago but now I am jumping on the wiki staff bandwagon and making a blog post related stuff.

My Wikis

Previous Projects:

These include wikis that I used to be interested in or contributed a bit to:
  • theworldendswithyou.neo (staffed)
    • this used to be my baby but I ended up stepping down as wiki staff due to things in life and lack of general activity on the wiki, not much has happened since then unfortunately
  • halflife.neo
    • this was more of less for a competition that I ended up winning, then I stopped
  • guildwars.neo
    • started as porting content from the portal but I got more involved for a little while
  • theconduit.wikiguides.neo
    • I tried to get this off the ground but due to lack of knowledge I couldn't/can't do much compared to the forum participants that help out on occasion.
  • house.neo
    • I really wanted this to be made but ended up not being able to do anything. At some point, I may return to it.
  • naruto.neo
    • I started really strong on this wiki but nothing happened for awhile in terms of leadership at which point I stopped. I'm still not sure if some of the episode summaries are truly original work or not...
Current Projects
  • borderlands.neo (staff)
    • My most recent staff position that I have been slacking on due to the holidays and more recently exams, should be getting back into the swing of things soon! I've got to finish off the Achievement pages then branch into other things hopefully as I play through my copy of the game.
  • wikiguides.neo (staff)
    • This is more of an advisory position. Around holiday time I heavily promoted the use but many of the other wiki staff disliked that so I peeled back some. If you want to test out a wiki idea or make a wiki for a single game without requesting a full wiki, please use Wikiguides! This is a great stepping stone and I'll do anything I can to help and guide you with syntax or layouts like I did in the past. Nothing is really happening on Wikiguides right now so if you start, I should be able to easily monitor everything and let you know of errors!
  • mtg.neo
    • This is my latest wiki project that I am focusing on. I used to love MTG but fell off the train of the game but thanks to the Wiki, I am getting back into and may be attending the Worldwake pre-release event at a local shop. This wiki will hopefully turn into a great database with more information than most of the other sources.
  • metroid.neo (staffed)
    • I was staff for this previously, dropped it, regained it and then dropped it again. I may work at getting this wiki back because it definitely can have a lot more content and be organized in a much better fashion but tackling a wiki alone can definitely be daunting! Let me know if you want to help me out!

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Nagare blogged
Jan 23, 09 5:26am

Currently trying to "study" by making my 3*5 one sided note card for my H Chemistry exam and avoiding H Acc and Bio because those are easy any ways and doing bad I'll still have an A.

It sucks to have to study all night as well just for exams which we shouldn't have imo. Waste of time and effort.

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Jan 18, 09 9:02pm

Well, I installed Mirror's Edge (PC version) last night and went through the tutorial and started the first chapter. The story behind it is great, but I fear they won't add much to it as I continue to play. Another thing is that the game is really well put together with the graphics:

-bright because of the sun
-white roof reflects more so it is even brighter
-banners wave
-plastic things wave down (like at store where carts go sometimes)
-in vents, pieces of paper are stuck and waving

...well if all of that is so damn realistic, why, may I ask, can I not fly through a window? I think that would have been nice, or even be able to catch onto a ledge, no realistic person would fall and not try to save themselves somehow (or in Faith's case wave her hands frantically).

I understand that may have been hard to code but with all the other Physx enabled tid bits, shattering glass couldn't be too hard, and if it was, just screw that and have some open window or something I could fly through if I missed jump by a few inches. If a window was smashed, send the "blues" after me even though so far they suck. Honestly, who misses shots at point blank range?

I guess I am just complaining because I have died a few times but oh well :P

I'll upload some pics at another time, but if you want to see some right now, check out the profiles.

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Nagare blogged
Jan 18, 09 7:39am

Well, not much to say here but if you have a decent PC, I highly recommend Team Fortress 2 developed by Valve. You can buy this game individually for around $19.99 usually, or if you are lucky, for even less if you notice a deal on Steam, also a great app by Valve.

Back to TF2.

Great game with a surprisingly well done job on the graphics. Even though the game may look cartoony, it is not at all for those lil 12 year olds who think they like shooting games. With the added in gore that happens whenever someone is hit by a missile or a grenade or even if you blow their *bleep*ing head off, the game greatly dramatizes every hit.

The different classes (characters you can pick):


The easiest character, and usually quite fun, to play as is the Scout. An agile young boy equipped with a scatter gun, pistol, and baseball bat for melee. This guy runs double the speed of everyone else and can double jump making him great for offense. Great fun to "sneak" behind a sniper and dispatch him with a shot from the scatter gun or a few baseball bat swings.


Haven't spent much time as a spy, but as one you can cloak yourself or play dress up to fit in with the other team. Main weapons are the pistol, knife (great for back stabbing ya know!), the sapper (put on enemy machinery to slowly take it down).


Has a sniper rifle (what sniper doesn't?), a machine gun, and a machete! My current favorite and sometimes hard to play as due to other good snipers out there.


The Heavy Weapons Guy has a big gun thing (can't remember exact name), a rifle, and his fists. Great for defense at the base and for some offensive tactics like keeping the other guys in their spawn point.


Builds up things like teleporters, dispensers (give health and metal), and sentries (shoot the other team). He has a wrench for melee and building up his stuff as well as a rifle for semi-ranged conflicts. The team usually relies on this guy to protect the base and for faster assaults.


Pretty damn annoying guys who fly in the sky by launching themselves up with their rocket launcher and who continue to launch off more and kill me from above while I snipe :( They also have a rifle for closer range or if they run out of ammo.


Has sticky nades which are strategically laid down if they make it out of their base area alive (I usually sniper them out :D). The nades can all be detonated simultaneously to do a large amount of damage and usually taking down someone or someones.

I feel like I am missing someone but cba to turn on my game even though it would only take about 20 seconds to load up.

There are also plenty of maps for hours upon hours of fun. My current favorite is cp_purple_x (cp= control point) where each team aims to control all five capture points and win the round. Great snipe-offs can be found there as well and I have made quite a few friends on a particular server which is usually over-crowded.

Basically, if you own this game (for PC), add me as a friend on steam, my current alias is Salocin.pGc (PC Gaming Coalition, message me if interested in getting invited). Or add my account name R1DDL3S.

Great fun for long periods of time!

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