It lies now.

Oh, and I've seen you post around a little bit. You seem pretty cool. I don't know you much though so I may be wrong.
You signed me about...TWO YEARS AGO, so I thought now was the time to repay the favour. Thanks a lot mate, can't really remember which forum you were from but see you around I guess .

Sorry, no picture of womans arse from me .

Take care,

Hey NSX. The Giants are going to face the Colts in the first season game. Manning vs. Manning. We're come out on top though.

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!
Hey Dragon King7777 is my my master and told me to sign your g-book.Anyway since you have a seahawks avatar I will say this GO SEAHAWKS!!

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...
Praise be to Quicksilver

Goddess Kali, high and mighty,
Shines great and bright,
bathing us all in a glimmering light.

In comes she,
and out goes I,
screaming with a gracious voice,
'Sing me a song, or else ye shall die!'

And woe is me,
if I do not satisfy,
the elegant beauty,
that is Goddess Kali.

So I shall praise her once,
praise her twice,
praise her with chicken soup and rice.

This signing has been brought to you by Just For Now, adoring slavie of the Goddess Kali, She Who Must Be Obeyed.

I <3 Yunie

Hey i thought that i could sign your guestbook seeing as i am bored.

Doing some random siging you are lucky number 2...... yippie......

Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

Just passing through to wish you the best Holidays a Seeker can get...

Christmas is a holiday for friends,
However they may be, or not, related.
Remember that the three wise kings were strangers
In search of one remote, uncanny dream.
So may we all be far more than we seem,
Together bound for dark and haunting changes,
More lovely for the loves we have created
Along the lonely paths from means to ends,
Stumbling towards that star of Bethlehem.

Love, Melody

Here's my brand new Halloween stamp. I hope you like it, cuz if you don't... >.> *shudders*
Ohwell, aren't we all diehard fans of Naruto & his merry men?
Well take care, enjoy Halloween. And if you (or your friends) come up with a good and original idea to scare the *bleep* out of people this year...I'm all ears.
Eyes, actually. Neoseeker doesn't speak. >_>
But seriously, I'd like to read some good ideas. Think about it.

You can sign back if you want to. It's always appreciated. ^^

~Signed with fear,

Hey NSX, I have a little show for you. enjoy it or else!

One day, Marth decided to challenge the champion Mewtwo for the SSBM title.

Mewtwo accepts. "OK Marth, but you are in MY world now."

So Marth and Mewtwo began fighting. Both of them exchanged powerful blows to each other one after another.

Neither of them were willing to give up. The championship meant a lot to both of them.

Finally, after an epic battle, Mewtwo delivers a final blow with his Shadow Ball, sending Marth flying he lost the rest of his energy.

So Mewtwo was victorious and remains champion. But Marth wasn't about to quit. So he decided to train more.


I hope you liked it. Now I gtg.

its me black luigi 365 and i decided to rejoin again. the thing is, i forgot the password to my old account xD well nice to see you again and such, so heres a stamp:P

Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

Damn, you're lucky, the most sexy seeker of all is about to sign your Guestbook, ok here we go:

First some good news

But I also have some bad news for you...

I'm sorry

Just remember me by this pic of ultimate sexappeal:


Brought to you by Hitman3™ ©®

Dude thats a pretty bad ass car, but im into more....Classic American Muscle Cars. [/img][img] I use to have a car just like this....but I had to sell it.... I love my 69 Camaro Z28.
I decided to sign your guestbook so here`s a cool stamp!
I am just signing my friends guestbooks with my neofriend stamp. Hope you like it and please sign back.

Sign back!
hope you are having fun with neoseeker take care

have fun with my stamp
Consider yourself lucky that you are the only person who I customized for their guestbook signing! (You see, I made an automated message for everyone else!)

So, umm...I dunno.

I might as well give you the automated signing...

<begin=automated=message> Alright, I haven't signed anyone's guestbook for a looooong time, so I'm going on a stamping spree!

What's up NSX? I hope you like my new stamp, and sign back! <end=automated=message>

Hey there NSX

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Wow, I really should check my guest book more often. You signed mine back in like August! So I'm just returning the favor.. even though it's late! Better late than never as they say.

I hope you have the perfect Easter

With lots of wonderful choclate eggs

Theres also religion involved so don't get greedy

And again don't forget to enjoy it.
Try to go easy on the choclate eggs.
And while your at it spread the happyness
Stampped by the one and only