First of all, I'll go ahead and say I have no clue wether or not this is the right place for this thread. It's relate

Hey! I just saw some youtubers do some roulette battles, and it really interests me how they still manage to do quite great a

I am looking for someone with Powersaves to shinify and clone the following pokémon: -Careful contrary Shuckle (31/31

Okay, so I am interested in trying out a new concept I've seen certain people use. First of all I'll start by saying

Hey! I am looking for a 5/6IV Florges (Preferably lvl 50, good nature, battle ready, though any of its pre-evolutions are oka

Hello! I bred and EV-trained myself a 5IV Munna, nothing special but you don't see musharna often any more these days. Th

Hey! I need 2 Lucky eggs (I had 3, but managed to lose one somehow) and 2 Ability Capsules. In return I can offer a 5IV Hawlu

I need a contrary shuckle for a breeding project of mine. If anyone has shuckle in their FS, or has a friend that has it in t

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