Apr 9, 11 11:24am
Making and reuniting a clan PokemonBlackVersion
NF10 blogged
Apr 6, 11 10:30am

Heya guys the story strikes back

-One of my old BFF on neoseeker bigcaseydog came and pm'ed me.
-I lost my wifi on accf (At the time of the auction and cannot wifi anymore on there because of my bro with aspergers.)
-I got pokemon black version and have my gym set up for a guild coming soon
-I am not as avalible much as before, but I am active on the pokemon boards now.
-Snow of snowfall clan has been soooo good to me, I'm sorry I let him down. But I let the clan down in accf. However I see him on the pokemon boards now so thats cool
-And now the random show

OMG, Party with axew (And purrloin my new catty favorite pokemon.)
Ike (Pizza!!!)
Samari pizza cats (Meow)
Megaman shoots lazers with cats
And Emolga steals skittles taste the rainbow

Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?
Uhh spongebob does (Patrick)
(I shoot lazers.)
Mc hammer uses paper marios hammer and does megatron in
Micheal jackson plays the disco fever music
Ninjas fight Inuyasha
Eziel wiezel takes over the world before pinky and the brain

Snake of SSMG Uses Wario as a shield
And lucario meets the dark side of the story
FF3 Fanfare music


See how the story turns out

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NF10 blogged
May 9, 10 8:26pm

Heya me again, I am getting accf in 1 week. I'll be trying to make some new friends there.

If anyone can read this, look now,

Pikachu22: I Pm'ed you about becoming your friend not sure if you got it yet. I also posted on your thread.

Pokemon issues:
Pikadorf: Volt Tackle on Ness:
Uses a goblin electric punch on ness.

Thats fruit punch and you spilled it over Lucas.

Lucas: Ouch
Pizzaman: Did someone order the pupporoni pizza.

Ness: But thats Snoop Doggy Dog

Snoop: I'm sizzle to the nizzle.

Pizzaman: You ate the pizza pie.
Cartman: Uses edgars Chainsaw from FF3 and cuts skitties head off and replaces it with.
Coconut beans.

Yoda eats yodal donuts from dunkin donuts and gets real big real quick...

Discos the night away and summons Glameow and Mr. Ressetti Zombies.

Take this mr resetti:
Banana's from diddy kong eats the ice cream and swallows swalot and the banana splits.

Warios motorcycle runs off rainbow road and Gaara and Naruto eats A sub from subway.
Too adictive must have more.
Cookie monster uses oprah and eats the cookie off her cinnamon buns from jamaca.

Sighs Fanfare music.
All the right moves and all the wrong places oh were going down.
If you guessed the theme, you'd be correct sir.
Gallade and the Narrator swallow the powderpuff fruitcakes. and Mojo Jojo the warlock of fruit punch

The end....
Or is it

Come to episode 4: Jedis Breakdance to Freestyle

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NF10 blogged
May 9, 10 8:15pm

Heya, NF10 is back... Why is there kittens nipping me on my feet. OMG, they're licking me on the face
I choose you Glameow
Lets play brawl:
Wait this is mortal combat with Cloud Strife...
Cartman: Wheres My pot pie!!!!
Skitty: Meow!
Cartman: Kitty wheres my pot PIE!!!!
Skitty: Meow!!!
Now Cartman the kitty will sleep on my bed.

That night.
Laguna from FFVIII shoots everyone with his limit guage. and kills skitty.

Everyone cheers.
Wait thats not tingle, Its Ganondork: Shows tingle with steroids.

Please spare me some spare ribs. Take me to the baseball field. Not the chocolate factory.

But I'm cuco for cocoapuffs.

Then Cucoo's from zelda Occorana of time appear and fly off with the cocoa puffs.

Cocoa pebbles gets nuked by Fox and Falco And Girls from around the world appear and attack captain falcon.....

The end
OR IS IT.......

Day three coming up
NF10 blogged
May 9, 10 8:14pm

I came back after a lot of bad thing had happened.

I saw my old friend LT23 And benidict.

Benidict had lost everything =,(
LT23 Became more independent.
I wonder what happened while I was away.

Invisions a magical mayonaise covered in....
Oh no its not mayonaise, its donuts run Captain Underpants, Fudgeums and Forest Gump, Runnnn!!!!

MMMMMM Donuts:
Homer Simpson, Eat this: DOH!!!!!

Ike: Prepare Yourself
Peter Griffin: Now Quagmire
Quagmire: Giddy Giddy Goo!!!!
Ike: Shows his true form.
Ahhhhh: TMNT's and they look old.....
James watch out: Says Navi
Skitty dies because Skittles taste the rainbow.

Viewer turns off the tv

See more on Spoof the Final Days.

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