Anybody have League of Legends or Team Fortress 2 and want to play?
Anybody want to play some League of Legends?
So... who wants to play a game?
camping? i think yes!
Who wants to be my friend? :3
i miss my dog! :(
oh btw, I have blue hair.
Tomorrow? meh, who cares...
Workin' the Brimfield Flea...
why do I even come here anymore?
"500 Days of Summer" is an amazing movie!
Jay! I sorry! *hugs*
I'm a zombie! I nom your flesh!
"I am aware that I am less than what people want me to be. But, most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see."
Hmszelda stop distracting me with LoL. We need to write!
Hmszelda we really need to write still... but you keep distracting me with Lo\L.
Hope you're happy, Hmszelda! I made the thread for my terrible writting... |:
Write! We need to win this, Jay!

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