Name: Nikki-Louise Moss
Design Name: N353
Age: 19
Sex: Female

Art Styles:
Photo Manipulation

How I Got Started:
It all started over 9 months ago when i saw some of Hitman3's work and at the time it amazed me, really got me interested in starting so i asked him for help, him being the awesome guy he is helped me so much... wonder if he regretted helping me in the beggining haha.

Anyway without Hitman i wouldn't be doing Digital Art now so i really do thank you.

My Art:

Please click the links to see the full image, i worked hard on these 2, they are both photo manipulations (too make something more out of standard photos) if any of you want to see the originals just send me a message.

This is my latest one, it is an abstract wallpaper, i love it first time i have ever strayed in this style, hope you like it too, feel free to use it if you like :)

My Signatures:(self promotional)

These are my 2 self promotional signatures for here on neoseeker and elsewhere, when they are in their place they always link to my DeviantArt account which is where i frequently haunt.


N353@NexusArts Work In Progress