It's WireFrame's Stamping Rampage! Mama-mia!
Heyyy, i thought i'd sign your geustbook, seeing as i'm from The West midlands too!

Hope you are okay with me signing your geust book but hey i've already done it now.

Nikki, I can't believe you've got less than a page of signings.
That's gotta change.

Stay cool, sexy.
Wow. You're 19 and you already have a daughter. Must be pretty difficult for your life. Hope it all goes well.

Saw you on lougin'. Sign back please.
lotsandl otsofwriting togetthenu mbersup!
I'm lovin the artwork! You have some serious talent! Also it's cool to see someone else from the West Mids. By the looks of it you have some good tastes in music aswell. Machine Head are pretty much my favourite band, and I should be seeing Opeth soon.. in Birmingham! lol

Anyway just wanted to say hey.
Hey it's me. =D Thought I'de sign your guestbook, nice avatar by the way nik. Anyways.... sign back. Talk to you.. wait I'm talking to you now.
You've got more post then me but your GB's like a ghost town.

No offense but you need this and also this

Bask in its glory and it shall guide you to nooblet bashing enlightenment.

You've been stamped by Kilgore

Cya on the hardware forums
Hey babe,I thought I would be the first to sign your brand spankin' new guestbook...