Congratulations on discovering my NeoHome! This is the place where I will share with you my deepest, darkest secrets. All you have to do now is scroll down, and the mysteries will begin to unfold.

In The Beginning...
I first discovered Neoseeker in the summer of 2010, while I was looking up info about the game Modern Warfare 2. That was my favorite game of the year, and I have over a month of playtime on the multiplayer. While skimming through various MW2 referenced links, I came across this thread. So I would like to thank Deeko personally for letting me find this place. After reading through the thread, I started browsing the MW2 forum. Not long after that, I created my account. So that my friends, is the story of how I came to Neoseeker.

Making a Name For Myself
So after I decided to register, I had to think of a super cool username. Some of you may be asking yourselves "Why did he choose the name N00bleT?" Well, here's why. As I said before, Modern Warfare 2 was my game. At the time, I played it with a lot of my friends. One of my friends was Stephen. My gamertag at the time was iEat N00bsoup. But when I played with Stephen, he called me Nooblet. So when I was creating my Neoseeker account, I decided to go with N00bleT. The two zeros were included because of my previous gamertag, and I added a capital 'T' at the end because I thought it looked cool.

Username N00bleT
Xbox Live KroNic L3G3ND