Hello, I am Mystic Swordsman An Average 15 year Old Guy. I have a Few Interests, Here I'll List a few of mine's.

Video Games:
Good old video games I don't know What I will do without them. On a school day I spend about 1-2 hours playing Video games. On weekends if I am not outside I am usually Inside playing video games all day. Wich video games do I play? I play Quite a few.

I play the Pokemon games. I own almoust all of the pokemon games except the red version and the gold version,Other then that I have beaten all of them. Very fun games and you can spend HOURS playing them.

Rockman Zero:
Yes I am a very big Fan of the Megaman Games. I have All of the Rockman Zero Games and if I say so Myself I am an Expert at them. My friend Says I shouldn't Buy Zero Games anymore Because they All get beaten in about 2-3 Hours and I will Have All of the Missions S-Ranked The Next Few Days.

Megaman Battle Network:
Yes I also Play the battle network games. I got Rockman EXE 3 White, Rockman EXE 4 Red Sun, Rockman EXE 5 Team Protoman, Rockman EXE Double Team DS and in a few days I will have Rockman EXE Gregar. I am not a grand Expert at These Series but I am Pretty good.

Golden Sun:
A very good GBA RPG game. I have obviously have the First Golden Sun game and the second One Golden Sun the lost Age. I like the Challenges in this Game the Most Like The Four Lighthouses.

Mario Kart DS:
I like this game alot. I recently Got Very good as Yoshi/ egg 1. I have Beaten almoust all the Staff ghosts and Completed all the missions. I thought I was good in time trials but when I went on the Mario Kart Ds forum My Records got Owned. Sadly I dont have Wi-fi yet So this game isnt the most fun it can be right now.

Those were the most Played GBA/nintendo DS games that I have. Now I could list all the PS2 and Gamecube Games I have but I am seriously too lazy to do that

I like listening to all kinds of music, All Genres of music not Just a Few. My Favourite Bands/Artists are:
- Linkin Park
- 3 days Grase
- Limp Bizkit
- Daft Punk
- Rob Zombie
- Blink 182
and Much More...

I also Like Sports Like Soccer, Base ball, Hockey. I like Nature In the outside world. I'm also interested In Astronomy.

Well now You Know a Little about me. PM Me to Be Neofriends if you want.

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