is gone as soon as his FAQs disappear. See ya, bluexy
updated Etrian Odyssey's Skill Tree Guide. Now you can plan according to skill investment cost!
completed Donkey Kong Country Returns 100%!
has done everything there is to do in Mega Man ZX.
almost has Javascript grokked.
finally finished Shantae. Too bad it's not that great a game...
is close to finishing his blog engine.
is finally back to a dependable Internet connection!
started a new job.
did his first git merge and it was painless!
just finished Illusion of Gaia 100%. The secret boss is hell!
needs money for a 3DS and Etrian Odyssey 4!
is at his new home. It's about time!
is leaving for a month. See you in February!
finished Hero Mode in Zelda: Skyward Sword! 87:48
finished Mega Man ZX on Hard! Finally...
got hit by the gamebreaking bug in Skyward Sword! :(
is playing through Hero Mode in Skyward Sword!
just beat Zelda: Skyward Sword!
is doing a Zelda marathon in anticipation of Skyward Sword!
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