J_man92 MyShilohMy
May 8, 06 9:54pm
Hey, I'm just here signing your guestbook while I have time to. I love to play PSO, it's the best game in the world IMO. Sign back if you want to, I'd appreciate it since almost no one does;) See you in the forum!

-From J_man92
The Shape MyShilohMy
Sep 30, 05 10:29pm
Hey, thats one funny sig you've got. Google knows all eh...

Heres my stamps:

See you around...
black_wing79 MyShilohMy
Sep 15, 05 6:28pm
well i have to do it since its your birthday.. have a good year ahead!!
lordevil MyShilohMy
Apr 12, 05 4:41am
Hey MyShilohMy, I'm just signing your GB for no apparent reason.

Sign back and PM me if you want to be friends. See ya.
way2fast10 MyShilohMy
Nov 6, 04 4:09pm
im randomly signing peeps guestbook cause im bored at the mo:)

sign back if you want

Princess Peach MyShilohMy
Oct 31, 04 9:57am
Just wanted to wish you a...

DQ Maniac MyShilohMy
Oct 31, 04 7:46am
Titiy 1 MyShilohMy
Mar 6, 04 6:40am
hey, MSM! Why aren't you coming on my forum anymore? anyway, have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
Titiy 1 MyShilohMy
Jan 18, 04 3:12am
signing ya guestbook again. thanx for signing mine dude. Have a nice day neo bro.
123 456 789 10 11 12... must fill it up... grrrrrrrrrr Have a good good good good good good good good day.
Batoesi MyShilohMy
Dec 21, 03 5:55am
Hay its me the pittaful Batoesi.Me and lone ninja play the trumpet.Well got to go.Damn charechter limit.Hay why is flipper gone.
Browniesman MyShilohMy
Nov 14, 03 9:14pm
I think it's the third Time i'm signing your guestbook. I sign it a lot! But it's for a friend... Everything is ok when it's for friens... I'm doing an avatar for you. I'll send it to ya when it'll be done! See ya!
Titiy 1 MyShilohMy
Nov 3, 03 4:08am
hi Myshilohmy. i added you to my friends list. Me and browniesman we're brothers, I know he is an older friend of yours, but we can still be friends!

BTW, i'm in secondary 1, and i'll be 13 years old on november 19!
YellowComet MyShilohMy
Nov 2, 03 9:07pm
Hi MSM, how are you???
I'm fine (just wondering if you would ask for that *lol*).
I added you to my friends list since I know you now from the PSO forum.
Sign back in my guestbook if you've got a free minute!

Browniesman MyShilohMy
Oct 31, 03 8:38pm
Hi MSM, I sign your guestbook again because I have 3 minutes left And there is nothing better I can do... No matter, It's fun Chatting with you, You're much stronger than me In PSO, So you can Help me a lot!

See ya Dude!
Denzil MyShilohMy
Oct 28, 03 8:48pm
Well if your good enough for Onikage to sign your Guestbook your good enough for me, I've enyojed many of your posts & have recieved sincere replies to my PM's to you. Remember all who read this -


Happy PSO'ing to all

AKA ??
Titiy 1 MyShilohMy
Oct 4, 03 4:12am
Admire MY bobs! Whatever, you're a nice friend, it's fun to have you here, you add life to my life... Now I think i'm too deep in my reflections. See ya!
Browniesman MyShilohMy
Sep 30, 03 6:24pm
Hi MyShilohMy!
Just know you're not asking dumb question... But I admit, Asking if Phantasy star online ep. 3 could play online wasn't very... Well, it's fun to talk with ya, Continue entertaining us!!!
zcaliber MyShilohMy
Sep 30, 03 4:42am
whats up with all the stamps and stuff..i dont got one because its not that important...anywayz cool sig heh...well sign mine when you can

GameMaster 5150 MyShilohMy
Sep 25, 03 1:44am
I'm signing your Guestbook now because you told me about my 1200th post! Looks like you only have two signings, and one of them is you. Anyway, check out my Neohome and sign mine too!

(Sorry I don't have a stamp for you my hosting site is down.)
Onikage MyShilohMy
Sep 11, 03 1:24am
I have'nt seen you around here. You new? Anyways, I'm always glad to help, especially befpre Reenee.

See ya, don't forget to sign guestbooks too