I'm signing your guestbook because I felt compelled to, not because I "happened to be on your profile and I thought it would be polite to sign your GB."

Shame I have no stamp to offer, you'll have to take my word that if I had a stamp, I would use it.



Hey MLIR just signing your GB cuz I like your sigs and I finished my stamp.
Hi I am Guns_or_Blades and I was just wanting to say hi and I like your signatures that you make(your own signatures not the ones people try to rip-off). well I'll see you in the monster hunter freedom 2 forums.
Hey i wazjust lookin at ur profile and this is a guestbook and im a guest so hey!, im signing it.
Uhhh... If u kno anyone who does MHF2 graphics can you ask them to PM me or something cos you seem popular kk thanx if you can.

You'll probably abuse my graphic design of Giovanni Dos Santos, but what the hey!

First to say first in your guestbook!
Don't think I don't remember you You haven't escaped just yet And we have something in common: It would make us both happy to get to know each other and just chat! By the way, no problem for helping you out And for that, you get a treat!