I'm here off and on, but still most certainly here.
I'm back, if anyone has any mind to care.

So apparently, I'm hooked on fighting back hordes of the undead. I recently received Left 4 Dead for my birthday, and absolutely love it despite my severe phobia regarding zombies as well as extremely dark hallways. Never did I see myself playing at night without someone right beside me for couch co-op. Mike, whom you should all know by now, helped me through the first two campaigns when I first got it. He was also critical of how bad a game it would be, like he is with everything that isn't Halo, but quickly bothered me to play more and more with him. Until he had to leave for his dead end job, of course. So recently I met a little snob named Outfuzzball, I believe. This team hitting little brat really got under my skin so I fired off plenty of ammunition clips into him before politely leaving to play elsewhere.

On the PC front, I've finally gotten my Tauren Druid to Northrend. For those with the lack of such knowledge, Northrend is the frozen continent to the north of Azeroth. Home to the dreaded death god himself, the Lich King. If I'm lucky, I can heal for a Raid group that kills him. For now though, I'm sticking to Balance a.k.a. Boomkin for leveling purposes. Instance grinding is fine, but you lose a lot of quest money along the way. I need at least 1000g to be able to use my Flight Form and magic carpet in Northrend. I've only encountered the Scourge a minor bit in the quaint little Howling Fjord, but once I get deeper into areas like Dragonblight and Sholozar Basin, I'll have plenty of horrific undead monstrosities to take care of. It almost makes me yearn to be a Retadin...

So, in summation... I've had zombies on the brain lately. Ironic isn't it? I played Left 4 Dead online today with two British children that sounded like they cought the flu. I got to fight the first Tank alone because it scared them out of the child's room upstairs. On our second try though, we managed to pull together until the military arrived in their APC.

Friggin' zombies man...

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