Dec 15, 09 3:29am
Mw1312 blogged
Dec 20, 08 2:56am

this blog we will be devoted to my REC basketball season.

Game 1- L 38-40 We blew a 28-10 lead in the 3 and 4 quarter

Game 2- W 33-16 We held the lead the whole game

Game 3- L 38-39 The whole team was acting like retards

Game 4- L 25-31 2nd straight loss

Game 5- L 21-30 3rd straight loss

Game 6- L 18-23 4th straight loss

Mw1312 blogged
Dec 14, 08 4:12am

Tomorrow I am going to NYC to see a Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall. My mom went out and bought me all of this fancy button downs and sweaters which I don't want to wear. I will post pics soon I hope

Mw1312 blogged
Dec 13, 08 6:23am

I have my first game with my rec team tomorrow and I am so excited and kind of nervous because I have not had a game since last season. I will tell you how I and my team did tomorrow after my game. So I just got home from my game. Turns out the game was at 12 not 11 so I went and it was the 4th quarter. The game went into overtime and with 10 seconds left we took the ball up and I got it down low. I put it up and missed then got my rebound and put it up right before the buzzer and I missed.

my day equals- ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

Mw1312 blogged
Dec 12, 08 11:27pm

My school gets off for winter break in a week, I can't wait to get off school and relax for one week. Plus the way that Christmas falls this year we get a longer vacation then normally.

Countdown- 7 (school days)


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