Musey was born (Despite rumours) in the land of greatness and sparkly bugbears and pixies....Scotland. This magic has faded since...Ah well.

Musey went to School, was popular for his height and knowledge of computers. Which he proceded to break and blame on the computer-iliteracy of the previous user XD

In high school, Musey was not so popular, in fact to be popular in THAT high school meant to take drugs, smoke a lot and..yep, be a NED. Musey scraped his way out of that hell hole with his sanity in tact.

College, After failing his first year of computing in college due to idiotic and lost lecturers, he proceeded to repeat and has passed with flying colours :D .

Musey has just completed an HNC (Higher National Certificate - 3 steps down from an Honours Degree) in 3D computer animation and is soon set to head off to University...5 years after leaving school. XD

Musey is now residing in Aberdeen and works as a monkey in the little shop called 4front (Or to some; The Gadget Shop). He enjoys it very much and gets to fly helicopters, which customers don't get to do because you will break them! >=(

Musey is also now studying "Computing for Graphics and Animation" at the Robert Gordon university.

If you ever wish to speak to Musey on MSN (Only uses MSN as others have failed) then by all means, however, Musey is 90% of the time Appearing offline, so if you want to speak, leave a message and I'll get back to you. Ciao! *beep*


- 3D Animation
- Heavy Metal
- Women & Men (Yarr! I are teh Bi!)
- Pepsi
- Drawing Painting
- Music
- Food



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