ulmelinejoodik Musachi 86
Dec 25, 07 5:03am

Merry Christmas and happy holidays mate. Wish you all the best...ladies, games and processors you can imagine

ulmelinejoodik Musachi 86
Oct 31, 06 5:46pm

Hope you have a fun time....RE scary....mwuahahahaaaaa
God of all saiyans Musachi 86
Sep 16, 06 12:55am
Hey Im GOAS I Hope To See You In Forums!

Please Sign Myn!
Early Bop Musachi 86
Sep 4, 06 7:05am
You said you liked full metal alchemest,and you know the rest,so i made this exclusive stamp for your g-book.sign back

SunnyDelight Musachi 86
Jun 19, 05 11:39pm
I decided to sign your guestbook so here`s a stamp for you!
lord of vice city Musachi 86
Jun 2, 05 12:04am
i thought i signed your guestbook, oh well, time to get me uber sexy stamp out again

ulmelinejoodik Musachi 86
Mar 28, 05 4:20pm
Don't remember if i signed your guestbook yet, but even if i have double doesn't hurt.

Happy spring and nice exams
SavageFrappuccino Musachi 86
Feb 22, 05 1:11pm
hey man, you know i loved the banner you made me. so im signing. and typing extra stuff to meet the 125 letter minimum. that should do it.
TheLord968 Musachi 86
Feb 20, 05 1:56pm

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

Skaterstar57 Musachi 86
Feb 14, 05 4:01pm
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you have a good one. XD
Well, here's my stamp: ^^

Take care!

VulcanRaven Musachi 86
Jan 29, 05 5:39am
I've seen you around, so I decided to sign your guestbook.

Please sign back!
HBK619 Musachi 86
Jan 8, 05 8:08pm
Bored, showing off my new stamp, you know the rest

Sign back.
Eugene Rulz Musachi 86
Dec 26, 04 11:59pm
Hey Musachio, just thought I'd stop on by and wish you and your family a MERRYCHRISTMAS!!!!

SerialZero Musachi 86
Dec 23, 04 12:33pm
Have a pleasant Christmas, Yule, Hanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice or whatever will fill up my 125 character limit.

DQ Maniac Musachi 86
Oct 3, 04 11:01pm
Nikker Musachi 86
Sep 19, 04 6:22am
Thank you Musacji for the kick-ass stamp! It's even better than I imagined. I guess I'll stamp you with it now.

Sign Back when you get the chance.
imatramp Musachi 86
Sep 15, 04 8:49pm
Thanks For the banner Mus, you need to use some of your graphic skills to make a neohome mate

SerialZero Musachi 86
Sep 2, 04 9:28am
My guestbook has now reached twenty pages! Here's a celebratory stamp as thanks for participating:

Cheers, and all that happy hoo-haw!
noob N master Musachi 86
Aug 29, 04 9:09am

I went to the beach because I was really really pale
And I went skinny-dipping with my friend the great white whale
I stayed out too long and oh, I got so sick
And then I got a sunburn on my moby dick

Ghost117 Musachi 86
Aug 3, 04 2:58am
It's the only way backwards.
Chris2004 Musachi 86
Jul 22, 04 12:24am
I thought i would sign here because well you have commented in my digi port and i wanted to use my stamp so

cardinal_vengen Musachi 86
May 19, 04 8:47pm
thanks 86, im loving your banners, here is my stamp.
SerialZero Musachi 86
May 3, 04 8:14am
Greetings! I saw your Big O stamp in Solitaire's guestbook and I was wondering if you could post one in mine as well? That would be super sweet! Oh, and here's a stamp for you too...

Roger Smith kicks ass! Cheers.
Larn Musachi 86
Apr 25, 04 3:37am
Thanks for helping me, and signing my guestbook back.

I hope you like this picture...


Life's a fight, let's keep on battling!
tidus04 Musachi 86
Apr 8, 04 7:58pm
i will ask you when i need a banner kay as you are doing one for me at the time. thanks a lot for that. see ya around