might be coming back
hasn't been here in years
is talking backwards... and upside down.
is fishing in space... For spearmints.
is eating flora AND fauna!
is right behind you.
dislikes Portugese cat fish (they bite).

At my school I'm what you'd call infamous. My insane comments and sometimes-too-sharp wit (not to mention my aura of pure awesome) have landed me in a postion of some kind of popularity pool.

Normally I'm either loved or hated, sometimes both, but recently people have been asking me if I have a Myspace or a Facebook (I've then watched the resulting fangirl/boy arguments over which is better). I keep telling them that I don't keep a blog. But recently popular demand and peer pressure has gotten to me and I've decided to start blogging.

This blog won't be updated frequently, but at least it'll get those half-wits at my school off my back.

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