So I just had time to do the day 1 challenge yesterday and my time was 52:69 seconds. Just wondering what everyone's els

Does anyone know when the hard raid for crota is coming out or know anything about it? I thought it was supposed to release

Hey I'm just starting the game and looking for some peeps to play through with. If anyone wants to add me on the 360

Hey I'm looking to add people on the 360 that are trying to party up and do these missions together. I can't use bung

Hey I'm looking to add some friends to my list that like to battle on the regular. I usually stick with OU and UU tier bu

Nice new icon, I was suprised when Lucario blinked ^^'

I need a high IV good natured Xerneas preferably not EV trained or already trained in Sp. Atk and Spd. I have a bunch of shi

Hey I'm looking for other Kalos born shinies so feel free to make an offer :) Scizor adamant/technician 5IV Talonfla

I have a bunch of Pokemon that need to be cloned and I would really appreciate the help. Kalos Pokes: 6IV jolly/toxic boo

Hey I'm looking for good IV shiny Pokemon with good abilities and natures. You can also offer me Pokemon I already Have i

Title says it all. I'm also accepting other offers if they are good :)

Hey I'm breeding Iron fist chimchar and I have alot of extra ones so if you want one and have a good Pokemon to spare I w

Hey I have a couple 5IV noibats and some foreign 5IV Pokemon for trade and I'm looking for other foreign 5IV and HA 5IV P

Hey i have an ability capsule I would like to get multiple perfect 5IV Pokemon or foreign gen6 5IV pokes but I'm open to

Hey I'm also looking for other peoples Shiny Values and my Shiny Value is 2222. If anyone has any eggs they need hatched

I have 2 abras 31/x/31/31/31/31 timid/synchronize 2 fletchlings 31/31/31/x/31/31 adamant/big pecks 1 goomy 31/x/31/31/31/31

Hey I have about 100 BP and am battling for more so if there is a battle Madison item you need we can work out a trade. I&

I'm mainly just looking for the fletchling right now but I'm open to all offers :)

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