If I were me...
To the soldier, the civilian, the martyr, the victim, this is war. To the leader, the pariah, the victor, the messiah, this is war.
I'm the ascended ascending ascension
Red Leaf Ethan Lyra Brendan May Lucas Dawn Hilbert Hilda Nate Rosa Calem Serena
It's scary isn't it?
showdown anyone?
Big Hero 6 is amazing :D
after 16 hours of sleep i awake... finally refreshed :D
Don't try to hide from me, cause need I remind you? If I have to, I'll destroy the entire universe to kill you!
Destroy the whole universe.... Bit of overkill! :D

Anyone else listen to music 0.5 speed just for the fun of it? (or other speeds and can be videos too lol)

My haters and the ragers and the trolls, shut your mouths and prepare to get rolled.
learning to recolor images :> (self thought lol)

http://www.addictinggames.com/action-games/ragdollinvaders.jsp try it out :P

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