I love you <3
Why is your name Nate River but yet you're username is Murderer? :shifty:
Anyone there? Anyone? No? Okay...
Neo is so boring... *dies*
Spam all you want ^^
Surpass the frailty of your form
There are two of me, one is awake during winter and fall, the other is awake at spring and summer.
Laugh you fools! Laugh!
Laugh fools! Laugh!
League of Legends? More like League of Assassins!
Call me Tornadustorm!
ha.... hahaha.... hahahahaha.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
is downloading Neverwinter!
So many questions, yet a feel like no one can answer them.
Goodbye everyone
"So many voices in my head....it just makes me want to yell shut up, but I know that will be pointless."
What am I to you? Who do you see me as?

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