''Though the parting hurts... the rest is in your hands''
Though the parting hurts... the rest is in your hands
Second death of neo... RIP ... Will it have third life?
The moon... its so beautiful...
The ultimate avatar
Anyone still play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky?
MWA ha HA ha HA ha HA
Hey guys, I'm back! :) (should be more active now) Oh and: creating a clan. If you want to join just let me know. :P
πω ένα γεια ή να πεθάνουν
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Murderer is Looking in the mirror
Do you wish to die? Of course you do! ^-^
truth... how much of it can you handle?
got super smash bros ^-^
0+0=0-0=0*0=0/0=0, everything = 0, 0 = nothing, nothing = everything ... now how bout i trade you some nothing for $1,000,000? deal? ;)

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